Prayer of the Moment


You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul, and with all your strength.  (Deut 6:5)


IN living in the present moment, we love the Lord with our soul—that is, the faculties of our mind. By obeying the duty of the moment, we love the Lord with our strength or body by attending to the obligations of our state in life. By entering into the prayer of the moment, we begin to love God with all our hearts.


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The Little Stripping



WE are two days into our concert tour, and continue to be plagued with setbacks.  Malfunctioning bus equipment, flat tires, overflowing toilets, and tonight, we were turned away from the U.S. Border because we had CD’s with us (imagine that). Yes, didn’t Jesus say something about a cross we’re to pick up and carry?

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In Concert



OUR tour bus pulls away today as I launch a concert/speaking tour across parts of Canada and the USA.  

You can follow the concert tour schedule here: TOUR SCHEDULE. As well, we have provided a map for you to follow the tour:


We know its going to be a powerful time—if the trials we’ve had beforehand are any indication. Our bus hasn’t even left the driveway, and we’ve already had $5000 in repairs the last two days!

Please check out the schedule and come out to an evening of music and word if we are in your area. Hope to see you there!



The Duty of the Moment


THE present moment is that place to which we must bring our mind, to focus our being. Jesus said, “seek first the kingdom,” and in the present moment is where we will find it (see The Sacrament of the Present Moment).

In this way, the process of transformation into holiness begins. Jesus said “the truth will set you free,” and thus to live in the past or the future is to live, not in truth, but in an illusion—an illusion which chains us through anxiety. 

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Too Late? — Part II


WHAT about those who aren’t Catholic or Christian? Are they damned?

How often have I heard people say that some of the nicest folk they know are "atheists" or "don’t go to church." It’s true, there are many "good" people out there.

But no one is good enough to get to Heaven on his own.

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Too Late?

The Prodigal Son, by Liz Lemon Swindle

AFTER reading the merciful invitation from Christ in “To Those In Mortal Sin” a few people have written with great concern that friends and family members who have fallen away from the faith “don’t even know they’re in sin, let alone mortal sin.”


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Wedding Preparations






WHY? Why an Era of Peace? Why doesn’t Jesus just put an end to evil and return once and for all after destroying the “lawless one?” [1]See, The Coming Era of Peace

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The Coming Era of Peace



WHEN I wrote The Great Meshing before Christmas, I concluded saying,

…the Lord began to reveal to me the counter-plan:  The Woman Clothed with the Sun (Rev 12). I was so full of joy by the time the Lord was finished speaking, that the plans of the enemy seemed minuscule in comparison. My feelings of discouragement and a sense of hopelessness vanished like fog on a summer morning.

Those “plans” have hung in my heart for over a month now as I’ve eagerly awaited the Lord’s timing to write of these things. Yesterday, I spoke of the veil lifting, of the Lord granting us fresh understandings of what is approaching. The last word is not darkness! It is not hopelessness… for just as the Sun is quickly setting on this era, it is racing toward a new Dawn…  


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Is The Veil Lifting?


WE are living in extraordinary days. There is no question. Even the secular world is caught up in the pregnant sense of change in the air.

What is different, perhaps, is that many people who often shrugged off the notion of any discussion of “end times,” or Divine purification, are taking a second look. A second hard look. 

It seems to me that a corner of the veil is lifting and we are understanding the Scriptures that deal with “end times” in newer lights and colors. There is no question the writings and words which I have shared here portend great changes on the horizon. I have, under the direction of my spiritual director, written and spoken of those things which the Lord has put in my heart, often with a sense of great weight or burning. But I too have asked the question, “Are these the times?” Indeed, at best, we are given just glimpses.

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Weekly Confession


Fork Lake, Alberta, Canada


(Reprinted here from August 1oth, 2006…) I felt on my heart today that we must not forget to return to the foundations time and again… especially in these days of urgency. I believe we should waste no time in availing ourselves of this Sacrament, which bestows great graces to overcome our faults, restores the gift of eternal life to the mortal sinner, and snaps the chains which the evil one binds us with. 


NEXT to the Eucharist, weekly Confession has provided the most powerful experience of God’s love and presence in my life.

Confession is to the soul, what a sunset is to the senses…

Confession, which is the purification of the soul, should be made no later than every eight days; I cannot bear to keep souls away from confession for more than eight days. —St. Pio of Pietrelcina

It would be an illusion to seek after holiness, according to the vocation one has received from God, without partaking frequently of this sacrament of conversion and reconciliation. Pope John Paul the Great; Vatican, Mar. 29 (





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