The Hard Truth — Part IV

Unborn baby at five months 

I HAVE never sat down, inspired to address a subject, and yet had nothing to say. Today, I am speechless.

I thought after all these years, that I heard everything there was to hear about abortion. But I was wrong. I thought the horror of "partial birth abortion" would be the limit to our "free and democratic" society’s permissiveness of exterminating unborn life (partial birth abortion explained here). But I was wrong. There is another method called "live birth abortion" practiced in the USA. I will simply let former nurse, Jill Stanek, tell you her *story:

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The Hard Truth

Unborn Baby at Eleven Weeks


WHEN U.S. pro-life activist Gregg Cunningham presented graphic photos of aborted babies at some Canadian high schools a few years back, abortion "champion" Henry Morgentaler was quick to denounce the presentation as "propaganda that is completely repulsive."

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