Surprised by Love

The Prodigal Son, the Return
by Tissot Jacques Joseph, 1862


THE Lord has been speaking non-stop since I arrived here in Paray-le-Monial. So much so, that he has been waking me up to converse in the night! Yes, I would think I was crazy too if it were not for my spiritual director ordering me to listen!

As we watch the world descend into unprecedented paganism, the gap between rich and poor continue to grow, and the innocence of children increasingly endangered by hedonistic ideologies, there is a cry rising from the Body of Christ for God to intervene. I hear more frequently these days Christians calling out for the fire of God to fall and purify this earth.

But God has always surprised His people with mercy when justice was deserving, both in the New and Old Testaments. I believe the Lord is preparing to surprise us again in a most unprecedented way. I hope to share more of these thoughts with you over the next few days as the World Congress of the Sacred Heart begins this evening here in this little French town where the Sacred Heart was revealed to St. Marguerite-Mary.


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Benedict, and the End of the World





It’s May 21, 2011, and the mainstream media, as usual, are more than ready to pay attention to those who brandish the name “Christian,” but espouse heretical, if not crazy ideas (see articles here and here. My apologies to those readers in Europe for whom the world ended eight hours ago. I should have sent this earlier). 

 Is the world ending today, or in 2012? This meditation was first published December 18th, 2008…



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The "Time of Grace"… Expiring? (Part II)

Photo by Geoff Delderfield


There is a small window of sunshine here in Western Canada where our little farm is situated. And a busy farm it is! We have recently added chickens to our milk cow and seeds to our garden, as my wife and I and our eight children are doing everything we can to become more self-sufficient in this costly world. It is supposed to rain all weekend, and so I am trying to get some fencing done in the pasture while we can. As such, I have not had time to write anything new or produce a new webcast this week. However, the Lord continues to speak in my heart of His great mercy. Below is a meditation I wrote around the same time as A Miracle of Mercy, published earlier this week. For those of you who are in that place of hurting and shame because of your sinfulness, I recommend the writing below as well as one of my favorites, One Word, which can be found in Related Reading at the end of this meditation. As I’ve said before, rather than giving me something new to write, the Lord often urges me to republish something written in the past. I am amazed at how many letters I receive at those times… as if the writing was prepared in the past moreso for that moment.  

The following was first published November 21st, 2006.


I DID not read the Mass readings for Monday until after writing Part I of this series.  Both the First Reading and the Gospel are virtually a mirror of what I wrote in Part I…



The first reading says this:

The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show his servants what must happen soon… blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near. (Revelations 1:1, 3)

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Hope is Dawning


First published January 23rd, 2008.  This word brings into focus once again what all our waiting, watching, fasting, praying, and suffering is all about at this time in history. It reminds us that darkness will not triumph. Moreover, it reminds us that we are not defeated souls, but sons and daughters of God called into a mission, sealed with the power of the Holy Spirit, and inscribed with the name and authority of Jesus. Do not be afraid! Nor think that because you are insignificant in the eyes of the world, hidden from the masses, that God does not have a significant plan for you. Renew your commitment to Jesus today, trusting in His love and mercy. Begin again. Gird your loins. Tighten the ropes upon your sandals. Lift high the shield of faith, and grasp the hand of your Mother in the holy Rosary.

This is not the time for comfort, but the time for miracles! For Hope is dawning…

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Our Lady's Battle





AFTER the fall of Adam and Eve, God declared to Satan, the serpent:

I will put enmities between you and the woman, and your seed and her seed: she shall crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel. (Gen 3:15; Douay-Rheims)

Not only the woman-Mary, but her seed, the woman-Church, will engage in a battle with the foe. That is, Mary and the remnant which forms her heel.

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Door of Hope




FOR six months now, the Lord has remained mostly "silent" in my life. It has been a journey through an interior desert where great sand storms swirl and the nights are cold. Many of you understand what I mean. For the Good Shepherd is leading us with His rod and staff through the valley of death, the valley of stripping, the Valley of Achor.

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Cloud by Day, Fire by Night


AS world events intensify, many are feeling panicked as they watch their security begin to crumble. It should not be so for believers. God cares for His own (and how He wishes the whole world were of His flock!) The care God provided His people in the exodus from Egypt prefigures the care He is giving to His Church today as they pass through this desert toward the "promised land".

The LORD preceded them, in the daytime by means of a column of cloud to show them the way, and at night by means of a column of fire to give them light. Thus they could travel both day and night. Neither the column of cloud by day nor the column of fire by night ever left its place in front of the people. (Exodus 13:21-22)


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The "Time of Grace"… Expiring? (Part III)

St. Faustina 



First published November 24th, 2006. I have updated this writing…


WHAT would you say was Pope John Paul II’s central mission? Was it to bring down Communism? Was it to unify Catholics and Orthodox? Was it to birth a new evangelization? Or was it to bring the Church a “theology of the body”?


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Vision of our Times

Painting of the "last vision" of Sr. Lucia

IN what has become known as the "last vision" of Fatima seer Sr. Lucia, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament, she saw a scene which carries many symbols for the period which began with the Virgin’s apparitions up to our present time, and the times to come:

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Are You Ready?



Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers… Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), 675


I have quoted this passage several times. Perhaps you have read it several times. But the question is, are you ready for it? Let me ask you again with urgency, "Are you ready for it?"

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