True Tales of Our Lady

SO few, it seems, understand the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Church. I want to share with you two true stories to shed light on this most honored member of the Body of Christ. One story is my own… but first, from a reader…   WHY MARY? A CONVERT’S VISION… The Catholic […]

PENTECOST WE PRAY “Come Holy Spirit!” So when the Spirit comes, what does it look like? The icon of this coming is the Upper Room: an infusion of grace, power, authority, wisdom, prudence, counsel, knowledge, understanding, fortitude and fear of the Lord. But we see something else as well… something the Church has often failed […]

THE word fell into my heart like the first droplet of Spring from an icicle: “There is coming a “Lord of the Flies” moment.” If you have seen the motion picture The Lord of the Flies, then read on. If you haven’t, you will need to rent it or read the book before continuing (WARNING: […]

Visions and Dreams

Helix Nebula   THE destruction is, what one local resident described to me as of "biblical proportions". I could only agree in stunned silence after seeing the damage of Hurricane Katrina first hand. The storm occurred seven months ago–only two weeks after our concert in Violet, 15 miles south of New Orleans. It looks like […]

OFTEN we enter Lent with a sense of trepidation–a fear of the sacrifice of dying to self. I suppose it is how the grain feels as it is buried beneath the furrow, or the caterpillar as it is entombed by the cocoon, or the trout as it is encased beneath the winter ice. But how […]

Why a Sleeping Church Needs to Wake Up

  PERHAPS it’s just the mild winter, and so everyone’s outside instead of following the news. But there have been some disturbing headlines in the country which have barely ruffled a feather. And yet, they have the ability to influence this nation for generations to come: This week, experts are warning of a "hidden epidemic" […]

THE words of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton continue to ring in my head: Be above the vain fears of nature and efforts of your enemy. You are children of eternity. Your immortal crown awaits you, and the best of Fathers waits there to reward your duty and love. You may indeed sow here in tears, […]

The Chain of Hope

    HOPELESS?  What can stop the world from plunging into the unknown darkness which threatens peace? Now that diplomacy has failed, what is left for us to do? It seems almost hopeless. In fact, I have never heard Pope John Paul II speak in such grave terms as he has lately.