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IF you are tired, afraid, sick or worn down, immerse yourself in the Ocean of Mercy…

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What in the World is Going On?

WINNER of “Canadian Documentary of the Year” in 1997. I hosted and produced this documentary that asks the question: what in the world is going on with society, our weather, with families, with leadership, etc.? It examines, unabashedly, the decline in morals, fidelity, loyalty, and the myriad consequences this is producing.

This is a secular documentary that was produced for a secular audience. It is hard-hitting, in your face material that requires a mature viewer.

CAUTION: Contains graphic images and non-gratuitous sexual content and themes.

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LAST summer, I was asked to produce a video promo for a Catholic boys summer camp based at the foot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After much blood, sweat, and tears, this is the final product…

The following video portrays some of the events that occur at Arcātheos, a Catholic summer camp for boys. This is but a sampling of the excitement, solid teaching, and pure fun that happens each year. Further information on the specific formation goals of the camp can be found throughout the Arcātheos website: arcatheos.com

The theatrics and battle scenes herein are intended to inspire fortitude and courage in all areas of life. The boys at the camp quickly realize that the heart and soul of Arcātheos is love for Christ, and charity towards our brothers…