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LAST summer, I was asked to produce a video promo for a Catholic boys summer camp based at the foot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After much blood, sweat, and tears, this is the final product…

The following video portrays some of the events that occur at Arcātheos, a Catholic summer camp for boys. This is but a sampling of the excitement, solid teaching, and pure fun that happens each year. Further information on the specific formation goals of the camp can be found throughout the Arcātheos website: arcatheos.com

The theatrics and battle scenes herein are intended to inspire fortitude and courage in all areas of life. The boys at the camp quickly realize that the heart and soul of Arcātheos is love for Christ, and charity towards our brothers…

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Thoughts from Manitoba

WITH home just in reach, we thought we’d stop and share a few thoughts from a very powerful ministry tour of bringing souls to an Encounter With Jesus. My daughters and I recount some of the powerful moments and inspirations as we close our tour in central Canada.

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THE first day on this ministry tour, I woke up with the word “singularity” in my heart. The Father is calling the Church to something radical today, and that is to go in the opposite direction of the world right now, and totally seek Him. Contrasting the Gospel with a scene from WalMart that took place this past week, Mark reflects with His daughters on the deep inner hunger of every human soul for God in another Road Edition of Embracing Hope.

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Message from the Road

IT’s only day one into my ministry tour in Manitoba, and the bus has had several breakdowns, a $3500 repair bill, and one major snowstorm.

That’s good news. Find out why in an all new episode of Embracing Hope TV — Road Edition.

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The Power of the Cross

PERHAPS the reason many of us are not growing in holiness is because we misunderstand how the power of God is applied in our lives. Mark explains in this episode how the transforming power of God works in a Christian’s life, and how it’s not too late for anyone to become a saint…

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The Joy of Jesus

WHY are Christians so joyless these days? In this webcast, Mark shares a personal experience in prayer, shedding light on how we can enter into the the joy and “peace that surpasses all understanding.”

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The Passion of the Unborn

BETRAYED and forgotten, the unborn remain in our times the greatest ongoing holocaust in human history. As early as 11 weeks gestation, a fetus can feel pain when it is burned by saline or torn apart in its mother’s womb. In a culture that prides itself on unprecedented rights for animals, it is a horrifying contradiction and injustice. And the price to society is not negligible as future generations have now been decimated in the Western world, and continue to be at a startling rate of over a hundred thousand deaths per day worldwide.

This is the Passion of the Unborn.

WARNING: Contains graphic images

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The Hour of Decision

Controversial Images

Images Moving Hearts

Is a Fetus a Person?

The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth – Part IV

The Hard Truth – Part V

The Hard Truth – Epilogue

The Writing on the Wall

Judgment of the Womb

3 Cities and a Warning for Canada