Laborers Are Few

THERE is an “eclipse of God” in our times, a “dimming of the light” of truth, says Pope Benedict. As such, there is a vast harvest of souls in need of the Gospel. However, the other side to this crisis is that laborers are few… Mark explains why faith is not a private matter and why it is everyone’s calling to live and preach the Gospel with our lives—and words.

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The Word… Power to Change

POPE Benedict prophetically sees a “new springtime” in the Church fueled by meditation of Sacred Scripture. Why can reading the Bible transform your life and the entire Church? Mark answers this question in a webcast sure to stir a new hunger in viewers for the Word of God.

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The End of Our Era

THE end of the world? The end of an era? When does the Antichrist appear? Will it be in our time?  Following Sacred Tradition, Mark answers these questions and more in a fascinating video that will both educate and prepare the viewer for the times we are presently living in.



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Pope Benedict and the End of the World

The Three Days of Darkness

Various questions regarding the end of this era and the end of time: The Seven Year Trial – Epilogue

Understanding the Urgency of Our Time

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part VII

WATCH this gripping episode which warns of a coming deception after the “Illumination of Conscience.” Following the Vatican’s document on the New Age, Part VII deals with the difficult subjects of an antichrist and persecution. Part of the preparation is knowing beforehand what is coming…



Read about the coming deception: The Coming Counterfeit

The Great Vacuum left in the souls in many today must be filled, but with what? This writing addresses the dangerous precipice humanity is on…

How the “loss of the sense of sin” is leaving humanity vulnerable to The Great Deception.

How our dependency upon “the grid” in the Western World may play into the greater deception:  The Great Deception – Part II

Pope Benedict’s warning that humanity risks once again becoming “inhumane:  The Great Deception – Part III

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The Prophecy at Rome – Part V


IN this prophecy, Jesus says that He will lead us into the desert… a place of temptation, testing, and purification. Mark explains when the Church entered into this trial and how it has brought us to the Great Storm of our times.



The Year of the Unfolding

The Great Unfolding

On the period of forty years since 1968: What Time Is It? – Part II

My testimony on the use of birth control: An Intimate Testimony