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I pagalvokime, kad visi mes esame viename laive, kai atrodo, kad to niekada nepakanka. Taip buvo per pastaruosius kelis mėnesius. Tarp kelionių ir kito mano albumo įrašymo buvo sunku ir kartais neįmanoma jums parašyti. Be to, yra keletas svarbių dalykų, su kuriais dirbau Paskutinė valanda, ir man atrodo, kad čia ir ten galiu rasti minutę, kol galėčiau su jais dirbti. Ir praėjo šeši mėnesiai nuo paskutinės mano internetinės transliacijos, žinau! Dabar kiekvieną mėnesį šis apaštalavimas siekia dešimtis tūkstančių, todėl dėkoju jums visiems už kantrybę. Žinoma, čia yra daugybė raštų, kuriuos, tikiuosi, skirsite laiko perskaityti, kai Dvasia jus veda, ypač tuos, prie kurių darau išnašas. Jie yra tokie pat aktualūs kaip „naujausias žodis“ čia.

I am absolutely ecstatic about my new album, which we are now putting the final touches on. From world class artists in North America, to the Nashville String Machine, to some remarkable hidden talent near home, I think this will be one of the prettiest albums I have ever done. It should be available late summer.

I am traveling to Surrey, B.C., writing you from the airport. I will be speaking with Michael Coren and Fr. Mitch Pacwa. Next week I will be in Illinois and later in the month, back in California. You can see my schedule on my main website under Renginiai.

  • June 7: Encounter With Jesus, Annunziata Parish, St. Louis, MO, USA, 7pm
  • June 8 & 9: OSMM Refuge Retreat, Vandalia, IL, USA (išsami informacija čia)
  • June 11: Encounter With Jesus, Immaculate Conception Parish, Gilman, IL, USA, 7pm
  • June 12: Encounter With Jesus, Christ the King Parish, Lombard, IL, USA, 7pm
  • Birželio 29 - liepos 1 d .: 20th Annual Marian Conference, Crowne Plaza Conf. Centre, Foster City, CA, USA (išsami informacija čia)
  • Liepa 1: Encounter With Jesus, St. Dominic’s Parish, San Francisco, CA, USA, 7pm
  • Liepa 2: Encounter With Jesus, St. Agnes Parish, Concord, CA, USA, 7pm

Lastly, we can all see the world unraveling before our eyes. It is unsettling. But the antidote is very simple. To live in the present moment, [1]plg Dabartinės akimirkos sakramentas loving God and your neighbour with all your heart, keeping His commandments. I have been struck lately at the massive, complicated web of evil that underlies what is going on in our world today. God, on the other hand—what He asks of us—is very simple: to love and trust Him like a child. When you do that with your whole being, then you will know His peace and joy, even though the world around you may be falling apart. Yes, more than anything, we must find time for prayer. That is where grace and transformation begins, continues, and flows from: an intimate relationship with God. As soon as I let this relationship slide, so too does peace and joy. So as you carve out time for supper, carve out time for prayer! In this way, the difficult words that I have written, and have yet to write, can be received in the proper spirit: one of trust and calm, as you rest in the Lord’s arms.

Lastly, I ask if you would prayerfully consider supporting our ministry. Summer is a lean time for us—even more so in this weary economy. Add to that the inevitable mounting costs of the new album, and our needs are being acutely felt, to say the least. To donate online, simply click the Support button below. And thank you so much to all of you who have supported my work in the past through your prayers and financial assistance.

My flight is leaving! May God bless each of you, who remain in my daily prayers. May you know the love of Christ in all its heighth, depth, and tender beauty.

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