Żmien ta' Gwerra


Hemm żmien maħtur għal kollox,
u żmien għal kull ħaġa taħt is-smewwiet.
Żmien li titwieled, u żmien li tmut;
żmien li tħawwel, u żmien li tinqala 'l-pjanta.
Żmien biex toqtol, u żmien biex tfejjaq;
żmien biex titwaqqa ', u żmien biex tibni.
Ħin biex tibki, u żmien biex tidħaq;
żmien biex tibki, u żmien biex tiżfen...
Żmien għall-imħabba, u żmien għall-mibegħda;
żmien ta 'gwerra, u żmien ta' paċi.

(L-Ewwel Qari tal-lum)


IT jista’ jidher li l-awtur tal-Ekkleżjasti qed jgħid li t-twaqqigħ, il-qtil, il-gwerra, il-mewt u l-luttu huma sempliċiment mumenti inevitabbli, jekk mhux “maħtura” matul l-istorja. Anzi, dak li hu deskritt f’din il-poeżija biblika famuża huwa l-istat tal-bniedem waqa’ u l-inevitabbiltà ta’ taħsad dak li jkun inżera’. 

Tkunx imqarraq; Alla mhuwiex imdejjaq, għal dak li jiżra 'raġel, li hu jaħsad ukoll. (Galatin 6: 7)


The roots of “Progress”

In the post-Enlightenment period, human “progress” has become the driving ideology rather than human qaddis through a deepening relationship with the Divine. As such, God — and any human structure that claims divine authority from Him (ie. the Church) — must be eliminated in order that nothing stand in the way of human progress.

Hannah Arendt summed up the “nihilistic credo of the 19th century” with Dostoevsky’s saying: “Everything is permitted,” namely when man does not believe in God as his Creator and his Judge.  —Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, “The “New World Order”: Conspiracy theory or political vision after all?”, September 21st, 2022; catholiworldreport.com

At the heart of this ideology is the first temptation to Eve:

You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of [the fruit] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. (Gen 3:4-5)

There you have in a nutshell the philosophical foundations of the so-called “secret societies” that were thought to be conceived at the base of Mount Sinai whilst Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments on its summit.[1]cf. Il-Paganiżmu l-Ġdid - Parti V 

Lucifer, missier il-gideb, li x-xogħol tiegħu għall-qerda tal-erwieħ beda fil-Ġnien tal-Eden, issa poġġa l-pjan insidjuż u l-iktar grandjuż tiegħu sal-lum f’azzjoni - pjan li jwassal għadd ta ’erwieħ għat-telfa. Il - pedament ta 'dan il - pjan tqiegħed mat - twelid tal - Kabbala. —Stephen Mahowald, Hi Għandha Tgħaffiġ Rasek, p. 23

From this “ancient and sigriet oral tradition among a small and elite group of Israelites”,[2]Ibid. p. 23 who formed the sect of the Sandhedrin and certain Pharisees, have come various societies such as the Illuminati and Freemasons. They, too, have fallen into that same temptation to “be like God, knowing good and evil” and seeking esoteric knowledge through occultism.[3]cf. Il-Paganiżmu l-Ġdid - Parti V 

Kemm hi importanti t-theddida maħluqa mill-Freemasonry spekulattiva? Ukoll, tmien papiet fi sbatax-il dokument uffiċjali kkundannawh ... 'il fuq minn mitejn kundanna Papali maħruġa mill-Knisja jew formalment jew informalment ... f'inqas minn tliet mitt sena. —Ibid. p. 73


Secular Messianism

In them lies the kernel of a messianic deception: that they are the saviours of the world, if not the genetically preferred progeny of their forefathers. They are the chosen ones to sift the global population and bring the elite to a state of being like a god: immortalized (omnipotent), masters of all knowledge (omniscient), and through transumaniżmu, connected globally (omnipresent). Today, having seen a window of opportunity, they are quickly mobilizing their end game through their “philanthropy”:

The problem is that the super-billionaires, through their “charitable” foundations and their influence in the international organizations, make the national governments, which – at least in one third of the states – are democratically elected, dependent on them. They are received like great statesmen or celebrities and VIP’s and flattered by local rulers in the vain hope of getting some of their glitz and glamour. An economically successful entrepreneur, even if he has become rich quite legally and morally unobjectionably, is far from being a philosopher, let alone the Messiah. —Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, “The “New World Order”: Conspiracy theory or political vision after all?”, September 21st, 2022; catholiworldreport.com

…your merchants were the great men of the earth, all nations were led astray by your sorcery. (Rev 18:23; The Greek word for “sorcery” or “magic potions” is φαρμακείᾳ (pharmakeia) — “the use of mediċina, drugs or spells.” The word we use today for “medicines” comes from this: farmaċewtiċi.)

We have heard these financial wizards surmise, quite openly, that the world is too populated;[4]cf. Il-Pandemija tal-Kontroll we (ie. you and I, the unenlightened) enjoy too much space, too much meat, too much… libertà. As such, a “Irrisettjar kbir” is needed. Here is one “intellect” telling us the “plan” long before most of us heard of the World Economic Forum:

Is-soċjetà globalment għandha tiddeċiedi kollettivament li għandna nbaxxu l-popolazzjoni tagħna b'mod drastiku malajr ħafna. Aktar minna għandna bżonn nimxu lejn żoni ottimali b'densità ogħla u nħallu partijiet tal-pjaneta jirkupraw. Folks bħalna jridu jkunu mġiegħla jkunu materjalment ifqar, għallinqas fi żmien qasir. Għandna bżonn ninvestu ħafna iktar fil-ħolqien ta ’teknoloġiji biex nipproduċu u nqassmu l-ikel mingħajr ma nieklu aktar art u speċi selvaġġi. Hija ordni għolja ħafna. —Arne Mooers, professur tal-bijodiversità tal-Università Simon Fraser u ko-awtur tal-istudju: Nersqu lejn bidla fl-istat fil-bijosfera tad-DinjaTerraKuljum, Il-11 ta ’Ġunju, 2012

But how few understand what is meant here, and what this entails! 

Il-messianisti l-ġodda, fit-tfittxija li jittrasformaw lill-umanità f'qagħda kollettiva skonnettjata mill-Ħallieq tiegħu, mingħajr ma jafu jġibu l-qerda tal-parti l-kbira tal-umanità. Huma se joħorġu kruhat bla preċedent: ġuħ, pjagi, gwerer, u fl-aħħar mill-aħħar il-Ġustizzja Divina. Fil-bidu huma se jużaw il-kostrizzjoni biex ikomplu jnaqqsu l-popolazzjoni, u allura jekk dan ifalli se jużaw il-forza. —Michael D. O'Brien, Il-Globalizzazzjoni u l-Ordni tad-Dinja l-Ġdida, 17 ta 'Marzu, 2009

Indeed, in the often moving and alarming visions of the coming chastisements that were conveyed to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Jesus reveals the horrific magħmul mill-bniedem travails that would assail the earth. 

He showed secret meetings, in which they were plotting how to assail the Church — some, how to cause new wars, and some, new revolutions. —Luisa, May 9th, 1924, Volume 16

Humanity is heading for the abyss of self-destruction that men have prepared by their own hands. -Il-Madonna lil Pedro Regis, Settembru 22nd, 2022

But as Our Lord reminds us through the Costa Rican stigmatist, 

Our Sacred Hearts are a refuge for My people, where faith, hope, charity, steadfastness, and love are multiplied, so that My people might continue in the midst of intense and surprising events for humanity during the time of the Great Tribulation. -Our Lord Jesus to Luz de Maria, Settembru 15th, 2022

They are surprising, and yet, in many respects, predicted events…


The Father of Lies… and the end game

It was, again, Our Lord Jesus who spoke of these times in a Scriptural passage that could be viewed as a prophecy. Here, Our Lord describes the intrinsic character of the fallen angel in the Garden of Eden:

Huwa kien qattiel mill-bidu ... huwa giddieb u missier il-gideb. (Ġwanni 8:44)

Satan plants a lie so as to ensnare and hopefully kill, above all, the soul. And here is the key to understanding kif the enemy plants these lies:

Bl-għira tax-xitan, il-mewt ġiet fid-dinja: u they follow him that are of his side. (Għeq 2:24-25; Douay-Rheims)

Few want to believe today that there are men capable of such evil, much less capable of the resources of carrying it out. But we have just witnessed nearly three years now of extraordinary lies that have led to a veritable genocide in our midst.[5]cf. In-Nollijiet So convincing have been the lies, so pervasive the propaganda, that many still cannot face the undeniable facts found in plain sight in dejta tal-gvern, new studies, and testified to by hundreds of thousands of citizens[6]A Facebook group “Died Suddenly News”, now open by invite only, has exploded to 290k members where tens of thousands of testimonies of what happened to them or their loved ones after the jab are being told. crying out — only to be ignored by nearly the entire mainstream corporative media, who yes, are in the pockets of these “philanthropists”.[7]cf. Il-Każ Kontra Xtiebi; Il-Pandemija tal-Kontroll As Dr. Naomi Wolfe flatly stated:

L-agħar li jista' jiġri lill-ispeċi tal-bniedem, qed jiġri... grupp ta' esperti mediċi u xjentifiċi li b'mod altruwu żiedu biex janalizzaw l-għexieren ta' eluf ta' dokumenti Pfizer li qabel kienu interni rilaxxati taħt ordni tal-qorti wara kawża mid-ditta ta' Aaron Siri, Siri. & Glimstad, u a FOIA minn Professjonisti tas-Saħħa Pubblika u Mediċi għat-Trasparenza — issa wrew bis-sħiħ li l-vaċċini tal-mRNA ta' Pfizer jimmiraw għar-riproduzzjoni umana b'modi komprensivi, probabbli irriversibbli. It-3,250 voluntier tar-riċerka tagħna, f'39 rapport ikkwotati b'mod sħiħ sal-lum, iddokumentaw evidenza ta 'dak li kont qed insejjaħ "360 grad ta' ħsara" għar-riproduzzjoni. -“Qirda tan-Nisa, Avvelenar tal-Ħalib tas-sider, Qtil tat-Trabi; u Ħabi l-Verità”, 18th ta 'Settembru, 2022

Here, the prescient words of St. John Paul II come to mind, who warned of a true “conspiracy” bringing us to these moments through which we are now living. 

This culture is actively fostered by powerful cultural, economic and political currents which encourage an idea of society excessively concerned with efficiency. Looking at the situation from this point of view, it is possible to speak in a certain sense of a war of the powerful against the weak… A person who, because of illness, handicap or, more simply, just by existing, compromises the well-being or life-style of those who are more favoured tends to be looked upon as an enemy to be resisted or eliminated. In this way a kind of “conspiracy against life” is unleashed. -Evangelium Vitae, n. 12

The reduction of the global population is essential to the new messianists, not only to “purify” the human race, but to simply better control it. Hence, we are now being lied to every day on a colossal scale: from the fatti about these so-called “vaccines”, to “global warming”,[8]cf. It-Tibdil fil-Klima u d-Delużjoni l-Kbira, u, Konfużjoni Klimatika għall- nature of the unborn, lejn l reality of our biological sexes, and so forth. We are living through one of the most pervasive, planned, and yes, orkestrat satanic propaganda campaigns in human history. 

Il-propaganda li taħdem hija l- propaganda li ma jidhirx li hu propaganda. —Dr. Mark Crispin Miller, PhD, professur tal-istudji fil-propaganda; Konferenza America Freedom Alliance, it-3 ta’ Awwissu, 2022

Here again, the weak-minded in our society will simply dismiss this as “conspiracy theory” (including those with PhDs, for by “weakness” is meant lacking in wisdom and discernment). But as Pius XI so strongly warned in his Encyclical on Atheistic Communism, the spread of this “progressive” ideology, now in our day under the guise of a “green” neo-communistic vision,[9]cf. The New Paganism – Parti III has only been possible with the help of the media. 

A third powerful factor in the diffusion of Communism is the conspiracy of silence on the part of a large section of the non-Catholic press of the world. We say conspiracy, because it is impossible otherwise to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit even the little daily incidents of life has been able to remain silent for so long about the horrors [being] perpetrated… POPE PIUS XI, Divini Redemptoris: Fuq il-Komuniżmu Atheistic, Ittra Enċiklika, 19 ta ’Marzu, 1937; n. 18

Said Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata, Argentina:

“We are not talking about isolated incidents”… but rather a series of simultaneous events that bear the “markings of a conspiracy.” —ĊAġenzija tal-Aħbarijiet atolika, 12 ta ’April, 2006

... ftit nies huma konxji kemm l-għeruq ta 'din is-setta fil-fond jilħqu fil-fond. Il-Freemasonry hija forsi l-ikbar qawwa organizzata sekulari fid-dinja llum u tiġġieled ras għal ras mal-affarijiet ta ’Alla kuljum. Hija qawwa li tikkontrolla fid-dinja, li topera wara l-kwinti fil-banek u l-politika, u effettivament infiltrat ir-reliġjonijiet kollha. Il-ġebel huwa setta sigrieta dinjija li timmina l-awtorità tal-Knisja Kattolika b’aġenda moħbija fil-livelli superjuri biex teqred il-papat. —Ted Flynn, It-Tama tal-Ħżiena: Il-Pjan Komprensiv biex Tmexxi d-Dinja, P. 154

Dan ma jfissirx li kull politiku, kull tabib, kull news reporter, etc. is “in on it”, so to speak. What it means is that we are witnessing a qerq tal-massa taking place throughout the entire world where educated people, including if not speċjalment in the Church, are utterly asleep. 

... 'in-ngħas' huwa tagħna, ta 'dawk minna li ma jridux jaraw il-forza sħiħa tal-ħażen u ma jridux jidħlu fil-Passjoni tiegħu. —PAPA BENEDIKTU XVI, Aġenzija tal-Aħbarijiet Kattoliċi, il-Belt tal-Vatikan, 20 ta ’April, 2011, Udjenza Ġenerali

Those of us who do not want to see that we have entered this Ġetsemani, “a time of war.”


Il-Qerq il-Kbir

I wish this were not true, brothers and sisters. I wish that the entire world would, rather, turn to Jesus and repent. But to the messianists of our time, drunken on the wine of hubris, who seek to sweep the world into the Ir-Raba 'Rivoluzzjoni Industrijali permezz “Warp Speed, Shock and Awe”, the reduction of the population is mere “collateral damage.” This mindset is also the fruit of a philosophical error of the Enlightenment — Darwiniżmu u, evoluzzjonizmu in which man is viewed as merely a highly evolving particle among many particles in the cosmos. There is no reason, then, why “evolution” should not be hurried along so that the chosen ones may progress uninhibited into a “higher cosmic consciousness.”[10]cf. The New Paganism – Parti VI

This leads, ultimately, to the deception of the Antichrist who will arrive on a war-torn and devastated human horizon to become its sole saviour, with the promise of bringing mankind to the ultimate reality of human progress — a transhumanist utpoia.[11]cf. Antikrist fi Żminijietna

L-ingann tal-Antikrist diġà jibda jieħu forma fid-dinja kull darba li t-talba ssir biex tirrealizza fl-istorja dik it-tama messjanika li tista 'titwettaq biss lil hinn mill-istorja permezz tal-ġudizzju eskatoloġiku.  -Katekiżmu tal-Knisja Kattolika, n. 675-676 (ara Millenariżmu - X'inhu u x'inhu Mhux)

Transhumanism is the ultimate avatar of this movement. Because it is a gift from God, human nature itself becomes unbearable for western man. This revolt is spiritual at root. —Kardinal Robert Sarah, Ħarald Kattoliku5 ta 'April, 2019; cf. Il-Kelma Afrikana Issa

Hence, the entire zeitgeist of this hour is leading toward the deification of man — without God — the epitome of lawlessness.[12]“...dak l-Antikrist huwa bniedem wieħed individwali, mhux qawwa—mhux sempliċi spirtu etiku, jew sistema politika, mhux dinastija, jew suċċessjoni ta’ ħakkiema—kienet it-tradizzjoni universali tal-Knisja bikrija.” —St. John Henry Newman, "The Times of Antichrist", Taħdita 1

..the man of lawlessness… the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. (2 Thess 2:3-4)

For the messianists, issa is “a time of war”, and the enemy is that creature made “in the image of God.”

Fit-tfittxija għal għadu ġdid biex jgħaqqadna, ħriġna bl-idea li t-tniġġis, it-theddida tat-tisħin globali, in-nuqqas ta ’ilma, il-ġuħ u affarijiet simili jaqblu mal-kont. Dawn il-perikli kollha huma kkawżati mill-intervent uman, u huwa biss permezz ta ’attitudnijiet u mġieba mibdula li jistgħu jiġu megħluba. L-għadu veru allura, hu umanità innifsu. —The Club of Rome, Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider. L-Ewwel Rivoluzzjoni Globali, p. 75, 1993

As St. John Paul II said, “Whoever attacks human life, in some way attacks God himself.”[13]Evangelium Vitae; n. 10 Thus, God will allow this “time of war” insofar as it serves a divine purpose: to give birth to “a time of peace.” 

….so, the evils, the destructions, will serve to fulfill what I have told you — that my Will come to reign upon earth. But It wants to find the earth purified, and in order to purify it, destructions are needed. Therefore, patience, my daughter, and never go out of my Will… —Jesus to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, May 9th, 1924, Volume 16

Żewġ terzi tad-dinja jintilfu u l-parti l-oħra trid titlob u tagħmel riparazzjoni biex il-Mulej jieħu ħasra. Ix-xitan irid ikollu dominazzjoni sħiħa fuq l-art. Irid jeqred. L-art tinsab f'periklu kbir ... F'dawn il-mumenti l-umanità kollha mdendla ma 'ħajt. Jekk il-ħajta tinqasam, ħafna jkunu dawk li ma jilħqux is-salvazzjoni ... Ħaffef għax il-ħin qed jispiċċa; ma jkun hemm l-ebda lok għal dawk li jittardjaw biex jiġu! ... L-arma li għandha l-akbar influwenza fuq il-ħażen hija li ngħid ir-Rużarju ... —Il-Madonna tagħna lil Gladys Herminia Quiroga tal-Arġentina, approvata fit-22 ta ’Mejju, 2016 mill-Isqof Hector Sabatino Cardelli


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Noti f'qiegħ il-paġna

Noti f'qiegħ il-paġna
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