Il-Konfużjoni l-Kbira



HEMM ġej żmien, u huwa diġà hawn, meta se jkun hemm konfużjoni kbira fid-dinja u fil-Knisja. Wara li l-Papa Benedittu rriżenja, ħassejt li l-Mulej iwissini dwar dan ripetutament. U issa narawh jiżvolġi malajr madwarna — fid-dinja u fil-Knisja.

There are the political questions people are asking…. Who is the bad guy in the Ukrainian crisis? Russia? The rebels? The EU? Who are the bad guys in Syria? Should Islam be integrated or feared? Is Russia a friend of Christians or a foe? etc.

Then there are the social questions… Is gay marriage permissible? Are abortions sometimes okay? Is homosexuality now acceptable? Can a couple live together before marriage? etc.

Then there are the spiritual questions… Is Pope Francis a conservative or a liberal? Are Church laws about to change? What about this or that prohecy? etc.

I am reminded of St. John Paul II’s words at World Youth Day in Denver, CO:

Setturi vasti tas-soċjetà huma konfużi dwar dak li hu tajjeb u dak li hu ħażin ... —Cherry Creek State Park Homily, Denver, Colorado, 1993

But in many ways, these confusions above, which are merely signs of the times, are nothing compared to the Great Confusion that is coming…



There is something positive happening lately: more and more people are waking up to the corruption that pervades economies, political structures, our food and water supplies, environment, etc. This is all good… but there is something very alarming in all of this, and that is the soluzzjonijiet that are being presented. Documentary films such as “Zeitgeist” or “Thrive” are correctly exposing the ills that plague the planet. But the solutions they present are equally flawed, if not far more dangerous: the reduction of the population, the elimination of religions in favor of one common creed, hidden “codes” left by “aliens”, the elimination of sovereignty, etc. In a word, they are proposing New Age concepts that put a pretty face on Komuniżmu. But in her document on the New Age, the Vatican already saw this coming:

[l-ishma ta 'New Age b'numru ta' gruppi influwenti internazzjonalment, l-għan li tissostitwixxi jew tittraxxendi reliġjonijiet partikolari sabiex toħloq spazju għal reliġjon universali li jistgħu jgħaqqdu l-umanità. Relatat mill-qrib ma 'dan hemm sforz miftiehem ħafna min-naħa ta' bosta istituzzjonijiet biex jivvintaw Global Ethic… -Ġesù Kristu, Min Iġorr l-Ilma tal-Ħajja, n. 2.5, Pontifical Councils for Culture and Inter-religious Dialogue

I spent the last couple of days visiting with people who are agnostic, if not atheists. Remarkably, we agreed on 99% of our conversations regarding some of the various political, medical, and environmental problems that we discussed. But as for solutions, we are likely worlds apart because my answer to the evils in our time is to return to God and live the Gospel; for this alone has transformed not only hearts but nations, as much as the sun has transformed the face of the earth. For the root of all our evils is mingħajr. Thus, God is the only remedy for our spiritual sickness.

But that is not the answer you will find emerging in a strange blend of truths lathered in humanist solutions. As one reviewer of the film “Thrive” wrote, ‘Rather than trying to improve the status quo, it integrates traditional progressive, conservative, and libertarian viewpoints, reconciling divisions that have long kept us separated.’ [1]cf. ara dan diskussjoni tal-forum You see, Satan not only knows that atheism can never satisfy the human condition but neither can disunity. But what that fallen angel is proposing to humanity is not the worship of God nor that Christian unity which binds men in love. Rather, Satan desires to be worshiped himself, and will achieve it by bringing men, not into unity, but into uniformità—what Pope Francis calls “the single thought” where freedom of conscience is dissolved into a forced thought. Conformity through kontroll, not unity through love.

Ultimately, the Vatican’s document states the objective of the architects of a new world:

Christianity has to be eliminated and give way to a global religion and a new world order.  -Ibid, le. 4



The Great Confusion that is here and coming, brothers and sisters, will be nearly irresistible. For, on the one hand, it will espouse universal brotherhood, peace, harmony, environmentalism, and equality. [2]cf. L-Għaqda Falza But any goal, no matter how noble, that is not based in the immutable truth of our nature, in the natural and moral law, in the truths revealed through Jesus Christ and proclaimed by His Church, is ultimately a falsehood that will lead mankind into a new slavery.

Il-Knisja tistieden lill-awtoritajiet politiċi biex ikejlu l-ġudizzji u d-deċiżjonijiet tagħhom kontra din il-verità ispirata dwar Alla u l-bniedem: Soċjetajiet li ma jagħrfux din il-viżjoni jew jirrifjutawha f’isem l-indipendenza tagħhom minn Alla jinġiebu biex ifittxu l-kriterji u l-għan tagħhom fihom infushom jew biex jissellfuhom. minn xi ideoloġija. Billi ma jammettux li wieħed jista ’jiddefendi kriterju oġġettiv tat-tajjeb u l-ħażin, huma jarrogaw lilhom infushom bħala espliċitu jew impliċitu totalitarju setgħa fuq il-bniedem u d-destin tiegħu, kif turi l-istorja. —ST. ĠWANNI PAWLU II, Centesimus annus, n. 45, 46

And there is only one sure bastion of safety, one ark of truth, one guarantee that not even the gates of hell can prevail against, and that is the Catholic Church. [3]cf. L-Arka l-Kbira

Now, my regular readers know that I spoke recently of a Coming Wave of Unity. I believe that has already begun, as does Pope Francis: [4]the man who brought us this message from Pope Francis was the late Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer who recently passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. Let us remember this “apostle of unity” in our prayers.

…the miracle of unity has begun. —PAPA FRANCIS, f’filmat lill-Ministri ta ’Kenneth Copeland, il-21 ta’ Frar, 2014;

But we must have our head on because there is a false wave of unity coming as well, [5]cf. L-Għaqda Falza one that will seek to drag as many faithful Christians into apostasy as possible. Don’t we see the first signs of this already? How many Catholics compromise the truth? How many Protestant denominations are rapidly abandoning and re-writing biblical principles? How many career-clergymen and theologians continue to water-down truth or remain silent in the face of an outright assault upon our faith? How many Christians are on fire for the world’s glitter rather than Jesus’ glory?

Watch in the days ahead for this signpost of confusion. We’re going to see it appear in nearly every facet of our lives, from family turmoil to global disarray. For as I wrote in Rivoluzzjoni Globali!, l-sħiħ operandi modus of the world’s controlling powers is to bring “order out of chaos”—the chaos of confusion.



Some of you may not subscribe to the message that has been coming out of Medjugorje the past 33 years, but I’m going to tell you now: it is absolutely bang on, whether you believe it to be of supernatural origin or not. It is, without question, the remedy to survive our times for it is thoroughly the teaching of the Church. [6]ara It-Trijonf - Parti III In a word, it is it-talb. [7]cf. the five points at the end It-Trijonf - Parti III; ara Ħames Ġebel lixx If you are not learning to pray, to hear the voice of the Shepherd, to walk in communion with the Lord, then you are not going to survive the tsunami of deception that is here and coming. Period. It is in prayer that we not only learn to hear God’s voice, but receive the graces necessary through relazzjoni with Him in order to be fruitful, in order to become participants in God’s plan rather than antagonists to it.

Dear children! You are not aware of the graces that you are living at this time in which the Most High is giving you signs for you to open and convert. Return to God and to prayer, and may prayer begin to reign in your hearts, families and communities, so that the Holy Spirit may lead and inspire you to every day be more open to God’s will and to His plan for each of you. I am with you and with the saints and angels intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call. —Alleged message of the Blessed Mother to Marija, July 25th, 2014

I am trying to live this message… and when I don’t, I learn reali fast that I will be wiped out unless I am on the Vine, who is Jesus, without whom I “can do nothing.” [8]cf. Ġwanni 15:5 Prayer needs to isaltan fi qlubna.

We are going to need each other in the days to come. Satan has so fractured the body of Christ that I doubt the majority of Christians alive today know what the “sacrament of community” really is or what it’s like when the body of Christ begins to move bħala ġisem. [9]cf. Is-Sagrament tal-Komunità u, Komunità ... Laqgħa Ma ’Ġesù So delicate is the road of authentic ecumenism [10]cf. Ekumeniżmu Awtentiku ahead of us that only by His grace can it be traveled… but a road, nonetheless, we must travel. For when we will be persecuted by those who hate us because we do not agree to their “solutions” for world “peace and harmony,” our common, united love for Jesus will be the fjamma tal-imħabba that burns above all others.

The blood of all Christians is united beyond theological and dogmatic decisions. —PAPA FRANĠISKU, Insider tal-Vatikan, July 23t, 22014

Prayer, unity, fasting, reading the Word of God, Confession, the Eucharist… these are all antidotes to the Great Confusion that, when we do them and receive them with the heart, will push out the darkness and make room for He who is the Great Clarity—Jesus, our Lord.

The day announced by your sentinels! Your punishment has come; now is the time of your confusion. Put no faith in a friend, do not trust a companion; with her who lies in your embrace watch what you say. For the son belittles his father, the daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, and your enemies are members of your household. But as for me, I will look to the Lord, I will wait for God my savior; my God will hear me! (Micah 7:4-7)




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