Agai i luma ia Keriso

Mark ma Lea Mallett


TO faamaoni, e leai saʻu fuafuaga. Leai, moni. O aʻu fuafuaga i le tele o tausaga ua tuanaʻi o le puʻeina o aʻu musika, femalagaaʻi solo i pesega, ma faʻaauau pea ona faia ni pese pese seʻia paʻu loʻu leo. Ae o lea ua ou nofo, i luga o le nofoa, ma tusi atu i tagata uma o le lalolagi aua na taʻu mai e loʻu faatonu faale-agaga e "alu i le mea o i ai tagata." Ma o lea ua e iinei. E le faapea o lenei o se atoa faateia aʻu. Ina ua ou amataina laʻu auaunaga musika i le sili atu i le kuata seneturi talu ai, na aumai ai e le Alii ia te aʻu se upu: “Musika o se faitotoʻa e folafola ai le talalelei. ” O le musika sa leʻi fuafuaina e avea ma "mea", ae o se faitotoʻa. 

And so, as we begin 2018, I really don’t have any plans, because the Lord might have new ones tomorrow. All I can do is wake up, pray, and say, “Speak Lord. Your servant is listening.” That—and I am listening to the Body of Christ and what oe are saying regarding this ministry. That too is part of my discernment as to what I believe the Lord wants me to do. I receive letters every day like these:

Your messages have given me hope and guidance in these very troubled times. —M.B.

May the Lord Bless you, your family and your ministry brother. Never has it been more important for souls and the Church. I pray that all hear your voice crying out in the desert. —G. O.

Please know that I am led to pray for you often… and how you inspired four simple Catholic gals to begin our beautiful ministry six years ago. —K.R. 

Thank you so much for having “prepared the way” for these times over the past years. Your Spirit filled words have torn down resistance to Truth as it is being revealed through the events of each day, signs of the times and most especially revelations of mystics and the Holy Word of God. I don’t want to accept on some primitive level the reality of the world condition, yet your constant fidelity to prayer in your own personal life and your obedience to the Call on your life has made it possible to have the veil lifted from my eyes and the eyes of countless others who read your Spirit filled words. —G. C. 

Well, what’s good is God’s—the rest is mine. I admit that I still face Le Faʻosoosoga ia Masani from time to time, if you know what I mean. But when I read letters like these, it is easy to say to Our Lord or Our Lady, “Okay, what do you want to say today?” Please understand… it is your response to Jesus that has also given me fuel to continue on some 1300 writings, 7 albums, and 1 book later. I can’t help but cry as I read the letters above because, despite being a sinner like everyone else, God let’s me participate in some small way in His work to save and sanctify souls.

But as this new year has begun, our ministry has had to dip deeply into our line of credit in order to keep operating. So we looked at what’s happening and found some startling things. Hundreds of monthly donors have stopped giving since December 2016, most of them due to expired credit cards or not following up on their commitment. Despite our efforts to remind them, not much has changed. Our sales of books and CD’s fell by over $20,000 from previous years. And one-time donations have fallen to a trickle. And this while readership has faateleina.  

Lea and I have no savings, no retirement plan. We have poured every penny into this ministry, including  well over $250,000 in albums and books. We decided two years ago that we would ave ese as much of my music and these writings as we could. You can download for free my Rosary CD and the Divine Mercy Chaplet from And many of my songs are linked at the bottom of my writings when they are in theme. Ya, crazy eh? But then, I’m a fool for Christ. I could have written over 30 books by now, but we felt that “The Now Word” needs to be heard and readily available to as many people as possible. 

E aunoa ma se tau ua e mauaina; aunoa ma le tau e te avatu. (Mata 10: 8)

I le taimi lava e tasi, na aʻoaʻo ai St.

… Na faatonuina e le Alii i latou e folafola atu le talalelei ia ola i le talalelei. (1 Korinito 9:14)

Right now, even though I’ve written an album of Psalms, I cannot amata to think about making another recording. The reason is that we’ve had to let other important things slide. Some of our thirty-four year old windows don’t completely shut in our house this winter. The brickwork and parging are literally crumbling. The doors aren’t sealing properly. I’ve got to take care of these things like anybody else. That, and our inventories are getting low, our studio computer is over 10 years old, and we have unexpected bills and breakdowns like everyone else. We also have a salaried employee, Colette, who processes all our office sales, calls, and donations and all the large expenses to run this ministry. 

You know I don’t appeal for help for every often—maybe twice a year at most. If this apostolate has touched you in some way, would you consider clicking the donation button below? In truth, part of my discernment to continue on is also whether I can do what Christ is calling me to do, and still keep the wolf from the door. 

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. You bless me as much as these writings apparently bless some of you.

E alofagia oe. 

Mareko & Lea


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E malaga ma Mareko i le le Lenei le Upu,
kiliki i luga le fuʻa i lalo e lesitala.
O lau imeli o le a le faʻasoaina i se tasi.

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lafoina i AIGA, TALA FOU.