La Tatou Fafine: Sauni - Vaega I


LENEI aoauli, sa ou taumafai i fafo mo le taimi muamua ina ua tuanaʻi le lua vaiaso tuueseese e alu ai i le taʻutaʻu atu. Na ou ulufale i le falesa e mulimuli atu i tua o le faifeau talavou, o se auauna faamaoni ma tuuto. Le mafai ona ulufale i le taʻutaʻuga agasala, na ou tootuli i se pulou foliga, seti i le "agafesootai" mamao eseina. Sa ma tilotilo atu ma loʻu tama ma le filemu i le le talitonu, ona ou tepa atu lea i le Tapeneko… ma maligi loimata. I le taimi o laʻu taʻutaʻu atu, sa le mafai ona taofi loʻu tagi. Matuaoti mai ia Iesu; matuaoti mai le au faitaulaga i le tagata o Christi… ae sili atu nai lo lena, sa ou lagonaina le Our Lady's loloto le alofa ma le popole mo ana patele ma le Pope.

After the Sacrament, the ethereal words of absolution returned my soul to a pristine state, but my heart remained in sorrow. He then told me how many priests are struggling right now with depression, grappling with what has taken place so quickly.

Like the disciples in the Gospel we were caught off guard by an unexpected, turbulent storm. —POPE FRANCIS, Urbi et Orbi Blessing, St. Peter’s Square, Rome; March 27th. 2020;

The State (and thus, the bishops who have little choice—see footnote)[1]As I was writing this tonight, I received a text from a friend. A priest he knows said that, “as an organization, if the Church didn’t follow Covid-19 protocols, they could be fined $500,000. Instant bankruptcy. And people in the community,” he said, “are taking pictures & watching.” have prevented them from feeding and being present to their congregations. I could tell that this young priest was willing to die for his flock, or at least, was dying to feed and be with them. We recalled the heroism of Saints Damian and Charles Borromeo who died serving their flocks during plague. But now, even the safe distribution of the Eucharist and barring of the faithful from praying in churches in some places, has left him and his brother priests feeling more like hired hands than shepherds.

I am the good shepherd. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. A hired man, who is not a shepherd and whose sheep are not his own, sees a wolf coming and leaves the sheep and runs away, and the wolf catches and scatters them. (John 10:11-12)

Dispensing with the usual hug I give him, I gave a brief word of encouragement and thanks and turned to the Tabernacle and whispered, “Goodbye Jesus.” More tears.

When I returned to my vehicle, Our Lady began speaking to me about her beloved sons, which I will put into words here in the usual fashion, as well as a word for the laity in Part II. There is a powerful confirmation I received after beginning to write all this, another word for the priests, which I will put at the conclusion of Part II.



The first thing I sensed Our Lady saying is that “it is what it is.” That what has happened, what is happening, and what is coming can no more be stopped than a mother in hard labour can stop the dramatic changes in her body leading to birth. The Great Storm that is now covering the earth will not end until it has accomplished its purpose: to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and an Era of Peace.

O le lelei o le a faamaturoina; e tele mea e puapuagatia ai le Tama Paʻia; atunuu eseese o le a faaumatia. I le iʻuga, o le a manumalo loʻu Immaculate Heart. O le a faapaia e le Tama Paia Lusia ia te aʻu, ma o le a liua o ia, ma o se vaitaimi o le filemu o le a tuuina atu i le lalolagi. - Lau tamaʻitaʻi o Fatima, Le Savali a Fatima,

The other day, I looked out my front window and saw one son wistfully playing in the spring air and another shooting a puck on what’s left of our homemade ice rink. At first, I was filled with sadness: “Why do these boys have to go through these sorrows?” But then the answer came swiftly:

Because this is not the world I intended them to live in. They have been born for the next Era…

“Yes, Lord, you’re right.” I faia le want to send my sons into a world that no longer believes that God exists, where they will be hunted by pornography, flooded in consumerism, and lost in a sea of moral relativism; a world where innocence has been lost, war is always on the doorstep, and fear has put bars on our windows and locks on our doors (see Tama Pele ma Afafine). Yes, the dragon has opened his mouth and spewed a tsunami of filth and deception…

O le gata… na alu atu le vai mai i lona gutu ina ua mavae le fafine e tafiesea o ia i le āu… (Faʻaaliga 12:15)

O lenei taua o loʻo tatou i ai… [faasaga i] malosiʻaga na faʻatamaʻia le lalolagi, o loʻo taʻua i le Mataupu 12 o le Faʻaaliga… Fai mai o le tarako na faʻataʻitaʻia se vaitafe tele e faasaga i le fafine sola, e tafiesea o ia… Ou te manatu e faigofie e faʻamatalaina le uiga o le vaitafe mo: o nei āu e puleaina tagata uma, ma manaʻo e faʻateʻa le faʻatuatuaga o le Ekalesia, lea e foliga mai e leai se mea e tu ai i luma o le malosiʻaga o nei āu o loʻo faʻaosoina latou lava auala. o mafaufauga, na o le pau le auala o le olaga. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, sauniga muamua o le sinoti faʻapitoa i Sasaʻe tutotonu, Oketopa 10, 2010

And so, Our Lady says to her priests and to all of us today:

Don’t look back! Look forward!

The grain of wheat must fall into the ground and die, but it will bear fruit a hundredfold. It’s time to let go of this era; to let go of what we have been clinging to, the phantoms of empty pleasure and fading neon glory. While standing alone in St. Peter’s Square, a sight that alone was shocking, Pope Francis read the eulogy of our times heralded by the Great Storm:

The storm exposes our vulnerability and uncovers those false and superfluous certainties around which we have constructed our daily schedules, our projects, our habits and priorities. It shows us how we have allowed to become dull and feeble the very things that nourish, sustain and strengthen our lives and our communities. The tempest lays bare all our prepackaged ideas and forgetfulness of what nourishes our people’s souls; all those attempts that anesthetize us with ways of thinking and acting that supposedly “save” us, but instead prove incapable of putting us in touch with our roots and keeping alive the memory of those who have gone before us. We deprive ourselves of the antibodies we need to confront adversity. In this storm, the façade of those stereotypes with which we camouflaged our egos, always worrying about our image, has fallen away, uncovering once more that (blessed) common belonging, of which we cannot be deprived: our belonging as brothers and sisters. —Urbi et Orbi Blessing, St. Peter’s Square, Rome; March 27th. 2020;

I sense at this moment that Momma wants us to hear again with fresh ears that prophecy given in St. Peter’s Square in the presence of Pope Paul VI forty-five years ago. For we are living it nei...

Ona ou te alofa ia te oe, ou te manaʻo e faʻaali atu ia te oe mea o ou faia i le lalolagi nei. Ou manao e saunia oe mo le mea o le a sau. Ua lata mai aso o le pogisa le lalolagi, aso o puapuaga… O fale o loʻo tutu ai nei e le toe iai tu Lagolago o loʻo iai iina mo Loʻu nei tagata o le a le iai iina. Loʻu nuʻu e, ia e sauniuni, Loʻu nuʻu e, naʻo aʻu e iloa ma e pipiʻi mai ia te aʻu ma ia avea aʻu in a way deeper than ever before. I will lead you into the desert… I will strip you of mea uma o loʻo e faʻamoemoeina nei, o lea e faʻamoemoe lava ia te Aʻu. O se taimi o pogisa ua sau i le lalolagi, ae o le taimi o le mamalu o le a sau mo laʻu Ekalesia, a time of glory is coming for My people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of My Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. And when you have nothing but Me, o le a e maua mea uma: fanua, fanua, fale, ma uso ma tuafafine ma le alofa ma olioli ma le filemu sili atu nai lo se isi lava taimi muamua. Ia e sauni, Loʻu nuu e, ou te fia sauni oe…—Dr. Ralph Martin, Penetekoso Aso Gafua o Me, 1975; St. Peter's Square, Roma, Italia

“Tuʻu oe!” Our Lady is saying: “Do whatever He tells you”:

E leai se tasi na te uʻuina lona lima i le suotosina ma vaai i le mea na tuua i tua e talafeagai mo le Malo o le Atua. (Luka 9:62)



What Our Lady is preparing us for is the coming of the Kingdom of God—the Kingdom of the Divine Will that we have been invoking at Mass and in our personal prayer for 2000 years: “Ia oo mai Lou malo, Ia faia Lou finagalo i le lalolagi e pei ona faia i le Lagi. ” This is not an invocation for the end of the world but for Jesus to come and reign in the whole world so as to saunia us for the end. And…

…the Kingdom of God means Christ himself, whom we daily desire to come, and whose coming we wish to be manifested quickly to us. For as he is our resurrection, since in him we rise, so he can also be understood as the Kingdom of God, for in him we shall reign.-Catechism o le Ekalesia Katoliko, n. 2816

Thus, Our Lady is telling us, especially her priests: Do not despair, but prepare. Prepare for a new Pentecost.

As you will see in the new taimi faatulagaina we created at, this “Pentecost moment” comes in what is called in Catholic mysticism the “Illumination of Conscience” or “Warning”: when all will see their souls as if they were experiencing a judgment-in-miniature.

O lotofuatiaifo o nei tagata pele e tatau ona luluina ma le malosi ina ia mafai ona latou "faatulagaina lelei o latou fale"… Ua latalata mai le taimi sili, o se aso sili o le malamalama ... o le itula o filifiliga mo tagata. - Auauna a le Atua Maria Esperanza, Anetikeriso ma le Iuga Taimi, Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, i.37

But this “light” will also serve another purpose for those who have been preparing for it:

O le a afio mai le Agaga Paia e faʻatutuina le nofoaiga mamalu o Keriso ma o le a avea ma nofoaiga o le alofa tunoa, o le paia, o le alofa, o le faamasinoga tonu ma le filemu. Faatasi ai ma Lona alofa paia, o le a Ia tatalaina puipui o loto ma faʻamalamalamaina loto fuatia ifo uma. O tagata uma o le a vaai ia te ia lava i le afi mumū o le upu moni paia. Ole a pei ole faamasinoga i mea itiiti. Ma ona sosoʻo mai ai lea o Iesu Keriso i Lana lalolagi. —Faa. Stefano Gobbi, I Ositaulaga, Tama Pele a le Tamaʻitaʻi, Me 22nd, 1988 (ma le Le faʻamaonia)

It is the “conception” of Christ i totonu the Church in an all new manner, which will produce what St. John Paul II calls a “paia ma paia fou” to prepare the Bride for her Wedding Day. What happened at the Annunciation? The Holy Spirit overshadowed Our Lady and she conceived a Son. So too, the Holy Spirit is going to come in this worldwide event to bring a “Gift”: it is the Flame of Love of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, that is, Iesu:

… O le Agaga o le Penetekoso o le a lolovaia le lalolagi i lona mana ma o se vavega tele o le a tosina mai i ai tagata uma. O le aafiaga lea o le alofa tunoa o le Afi o le Alofa… o Iesu Keriso lava ia… e leʻi tupu se mea faʻapenei talu ona liutino le Upu. —Iesu ia Elizabeth Kindelmann, O Le Malamalama o Alofa, i. 61, 38, 61; 233; mai le tusi faʻamaumau a Elizabeth Kindelmann; 1962; Le faʻamaonia Archb Bishop Charles Chaput

O le auala lena e to ai Iesu i taimi uma. O le ala lena na Ia toe gaosia ai i agaga. O ia lava o fua o le lagi ma le lalolagi. E toʻalua tufuga e tatau ona ioeina le galuega o le taimi lea o le galuega sili ona maualuga a le Atua ma tagata uma: le Agaga Paʻia ma le sili ona paʻia o Maria Maria ... aua naʻo latou lava e mafai ona toe faʻafouina Keriso. —Ako. Luis M. Martinez, Le Faapaia, i. 6



This is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! It is to establish her Son’s reign in the hearts of as many souls as possible, before the chastisements, which will prepare the soil for a “period of peace.” When Pope Benedict prayed in 2010 for the hastening of “the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,” he later said:

E tutusa lea ma le uiga o la tatou tatalo mo le oo mai o le Malo o le Atua… So you could say the triumph of God, the triumph of Mary, are quiet, they are real nonetheless.-Malamalama o le Lalolagi, i. 166, O se talanoaga ma Peter Seewald (Ignatius Press)

Yes, even now, a remnant is beginning to establish within themselves this Flame of Love, this Kingdom of the Divine Will (which is why seers say that, for those prepared, the Warning will be a great grace). This is why Our Lady has been appearing all over the world calling us to pray, fast, and prepare so that a small group (Laʻitiiti Laʻitiiti) can lead the charge when the Illumination occurs (see Le Kitiona Fou).

Ua valaʻaulia uma e auai i laʻu vaega taua faapitoa. O le sau o loʻu Malo e tatau ona pau lea o lou mafuaʻaga i le olaga ... Aua le faʻafefe. Aua le faʻatali. Faafetauia le Afa e laveaʻi agaga. —Iesu ia Elizabeth Kindelmann, Le afi o Alofa, itu. 34, lolomiina e Fanau a le Tama Faʻavae; Le faʻamaonia Archb Bishop Charles Chaput

The laity who are prepared will be like the five wise virgins who had enough oil in their lamps to go out and feiloai i le Bridegroom (Matt 25:1-13). Those who aren’t prepared, like the lima le poto virgins, will wonder how to find the Bridegroom because they have been found without the oil of grace. The laity will be able to tell them where to go, but they will not be able to give them the oil of grace, that is, the Sacraments of salvation.

And that is why you, dear priests, are being called by Our Lady to prepare! This is why she has been forming a cohort of priests, faithful to her Son and the true teachings of His Church! For you must be ready to receive souls who will come to you by the hundreds, lining up for confession and asking for Baptism. You must be ready to explain what just happened to them, how the Father loves them, and how, through Jesus, it’s not too late to return to the Father’s House. You must be in a “state of grace” yourselves in order to discern and resist the false prophets who will rise to interpret the Warning in New Age terms. And ready to receive new gifts and charisms to heal and deliver souls. Yes, Our Lady is telling you, her beloved priests, to get ready for the Great Harvest! Get ready! Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will help you (see Ositaulaga, ma le Manumalo). oe are the key, because only oe can administer the oil that is missing from their lamps. Only you can absolve the prodigal sons. Only you can nourish, through your hands, the prodigal daughters. This is why the wise virgins cannot share their oil—they are not priests! And you will only have a short window to do this before the Door of Mercy closes and the Door of Justice opens.

Afterwards the other virgins came and said, ‘Lord, Lord, open the door for us!’ But he said in reply, ‘Amen, I say to you, I do not know you.’ Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour. (Matt 25:11-13)

Oh, how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God’s mercy! You will call out in vain, but it will be too late. —Iesu i St. Faustina, Alofa Mutimutivale Paia i Loʻu Agaga, Tusi, l. 1448

This is why Our Lady began The Marian Movement of Priests; to prepare her chosen sons for this special task to help spread the Flame of Love. Pope Francis’ call for the Church to become a “field hospital” was prophetic, as was his first Apostolic Exhortation on Faʻasalalauga for the Church to “accompany” the lost. How many prodigals are there in need of alofa mutimutivale moni!

Moreover, in this time of waiting, we can hasten the coming of the Kingdom through our prayers and fasting. Priests, by your private Masses, you can pray for the unrepentant that they will be docile to the grace of the Illumination.

When God touches man’s heart through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, man himself is not inactive while receiving that inspiration, since he could reject it; and yet, without God’s grace, he cannot by his own free will move himself toward justice in God’s sight. -Catechism o le Katoliko Ekalesia, l. 1993

O le moli vaivai o laʻu Mumua o le Alofa o le a mumu moli faʻasaʻo i luga uma o le lalolagi, faʻalumaina o Satani faʻasaoina o ia e leai se malosi, atoatoa le atoatoa. Aua neʻi fesoasoani e faʻalauteleina le tiga o le fanauina. —O Lo matou Tamaʻitaʻi ia Elizabeth Kindelmann, Ibid., P. 177

Hence, this is the Hour of the Upper Room. Families all over the world right now are gathered together in their homes because of the coronavirus. It is the Hour of the family cenacle. Priests are alone in their rectories. It is the Hour of vigil. While Satan wants us to be worried and terrified, Momma is saying, “Do not be afraid. Don’t look back. Look forward, to a new Era. You, my priests, will form the Bridge over the flood of Satan’s deception.”

On March 18th, 2020, after 33 years total (Christ’s age when He entered His Passion), the monthly messages on the second of every month in Medjugorje ended.[2]There were some years in between when Our Lady did not appear regularly on the 2nd. It has been 39 years since the apparitions first began to all the seers. The time of the secrets, and thus the Triumph, draws nearer:

Maimau pe ana mafai ona ou faailoa atu atili e uiga i le mea o le a tupu i le lumanai, ae e mafai ona ou fai atu se mea e tasi e uiga i le auala e fesoʻotaʻi ai le perisitua ma mea lilo. Ua i ai le taimi lenei o loʻo tatou ola ai nei, ma ua tatou maua foʻi le taimi o le Manumalo o le fatu a le Tamaʻitaʻi. I le va o nei lua taimi e i ai le tatou alalaupapa, ma o le auala laupapa o matou patele. O loʻo fai mai pea le tatou Faletua ia tatou tatalo mo a tatou leoleo mamoe, pei ona ia faʻaigoaina, aua e manaʻomia le lava o le alalaupapa mo tatou uma e kolosi ai i le taimi o le Manumalo. I lana savali o Oketopa 2, 2010, na ia taʻua ai, “E na o aʻu leoleo mamoe e manumalo ai loʻu loto. ” —Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje tagata vaai; mai Loʻu Loto O le a Manumalo, i. 325

I explain in Ositaulaga, ma le Manumalo how this “Bridge” is modeled in the Old Testament. I believe that article will edify, encourage, and strengthen many of you, especially the dear priests who read The Now Word.



Lau lagolago tautupe ma tatalo o le mafuaaga
o loʻo e faitauina lenei mea i le aso.
 Faʻamanuia ma faʻafetai. 

E malaga ma Mareko i le Lenei le Upu,
kiliki i luga le fuʻa i lalo e lesitala.
O lau imeli o le a le faʻasoaina i se tasi.

O aʻu tusitusiga o loʻo faʻaliliuina i totonu Farani! (Merci Philippe B.!)
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Faamatalaga Faʻamatalaga

Faamatalaga Faʻamatalaga
1 As I was writing this tonight, I received a text from a friend. A priest he knows said that, “as an organization, if the Church didn’t follow Covid-19 protocols, they could be fined $500,000. Instant bankruptcy. And people in the community,” he said, “are taking pictures & watching.”
2 There were some years in between when Our Lady did not appear regularly on the 2nd. It has been 39 years since the apparitions first began to all the seers.