Malosiaga Faʻamatalaga ma Tusi

ato meli


PEA malosi ma faʻagaoioia tusi ma tusi mai le au faitau i le tuanaʻi o uluaʻi aso. Matou te fia faʻafetai i tagata uma na tali mai i la matou apili ma lo outou agalelei ma tatalo. E oʻo mai i le taimi nei, tusa o le 1% o le tatou aufaitau na tali mai. Iloa, uso e ma tuafafine, a e foaʻi i lenei galuega, ua e foaʻi moni i le au faitau pei o Andrea…

The suffering and loneliness seems unbearable but when I see your email I feel a moment of peace.

And Julie:

Thank you for what you do for so many people…you bring hope. What this world needs more of!

And Michael:

Thank you Mark, you have helped to keep me balanced in a spiritually confused world. I relive the Job experience and your voice is one of the few I have learned to trust.


I am very grateful for your ministry. Your “yes” to Our Lady and to God. It makes a huge difference in my life!


Please keep doing what you’re doing. I hang on to every word you say because they are anointed words from our Lord, and give strength to keep fighting this battle…

And Ron:

Thank you for keeping me calm in the storm; without God’s perspective, spoken through your writings, I would not have the peace I have, and I don’t think I would pray as well.


oe doing the work of the Lord brother! You have some of the most insightful discernments I have ever seen. It could only come from the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

…and Kimberly:

Early in 2003, the Lord brought me as a new Catholic and baby Christian to your doorstep, somehow guiding my hand to your blog which appeared at the time to also be new. Every single day, and month after month, year after year, you have been instrumental to my growth, and a blessing to my life. Hearing from you is like hearing from God himself. Your words have been a constant confirmation of what God puts into my heart, and has allowed me to trust in Him, and taught me how to hear His voice. I am eternally grateful for you!


Bless Jesus for His love for all of us.


Faafetai atu mo lou lagolago!
Mark & Léa


When you have done all you have been commanded, say,
‘We are unprofitable servants; we have done
what we were obliged to do.’ (Luke 17:10)



E malaga ma Mareko i le le Lenei le Upu,
kiliki i luga le fuʻa i lalo e lesitala
O lau imeli o le a le faʻasoaina i se tasi.


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lafoina i AIGA, TALA FOU.