Oe faia se Eseesega

Ioe o lea e te iloa… ua e faia se eseesega tele. O au tatalo, au faʻamaumauga faʻamalosiau, o Misasa na e faia, o rosario e te tatalo ai, o le poto e te faʻaalia, o faʻamaoniga e te faʻasoaina atu… e maua ai se eseesega.

It matters in the spiritual realm, because we do not battle with flesh and blood, says St. Paul, but with principalities and powers. It matters in the physical realm, because I read almost daily in letters how Le Upu Nei is touching souls. In some cases, this is one of the few websites people tell me that they read anymore because they know it is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church; and that we remain in communion with the Holy Father here, despite whoever holds the keys of the Kingdom (Le Upu Nei now spans three pontificates); that we don’t pick and choose which elements of Catholicism to follow, but embrace it all; lena Le Upu Nei has been consecrated to Our Lady whom I believe is the real author of these writings; that the Eucharist is the constant nourishment and spiritual font of each word spoken; and that, at the end of the day, I submit all of these writings and their discernment to the Magisterium as the final arbiter of their faithfulness to Christ and Catholicity. 

Each day when I wake up, I submit myself in the Divine Will. I listen and wait for Le Upu Nei Often, it is already brewing in my heart as simply a title. Sometimes, like my last writing O le Suiga Sili, a title and message comes forward that I was not planning, was not thinking about… but it just unfolds as I write. Those are fascinating moments because it is then I realize more profoundly how I am simply a little courier more than anything else. 

This ministry has brought me immense joy to be able to participate in helping Christ to bring about His Kingdom within us. It has also brought immense sadness as I see how relatively few people I am reaching and often how little difference it foliga mai to make in the big picture as the world continues its pushback against their Creator. I mean, some kid breaks his arm skate boarding in Central Park… and his video gets 5 million hits. I write something here that I know is essential to the salvation of souls in the days ahead… and we reach mere thousands. That’s just the way things are today.

Last month, it was over a hundred thousand readers, according to stats. I made an appeal for support last week to help this apostolate, since this is a full time calling for me, and has been for fifteen years now. I am deeply grateful to the two hundred or so readers who responded so generously with your support and prayers. We have raised enough so far to pay our employee’s salary. But our expenses go far beyond that, and so, I am obligated to ask, those of you who can, if you would also consider making a donation. Your response also helps me measure whether God is still asking me to continue writing. I believe He is because there are other “words” percolating in my heart, getting ready to be written. 

Your donation makes a difference. The readership is growing here. More and more people are beginning to read Le Upu Nei because it puts into words what the Holy Spirit is already saying in their hearts; it confirms for them the interior stirrings that they are experiencing; and it is giving them direction on preparing for the next world while living in the present. How invaluable is that? 

Thank you for considering a donation here, but above all, for your love and prayers which are truly felt. 

You are loved! Your servant of the Word,

Mareko Mallett



Lau lagolago tautupe ma tatalo o le mafuaaga
o loʻo e faitauina lenei mea i le aso.
 Faʻamanuia ma faʻafetai. 

E malaga ma Mareko i le Lenei le Upu,
kiliki i luga le fuʻa i lalo e lesitala.
O lau imeli o le a le faʻasoaina i se tasi.

O aʻu tusitusiga o loʻo faʻaliliuina i totonu Farani! (Merci Philippe B.!)
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lafoina i AIGA, TALA FOU.