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What in the World is Going On?

WINNER of “Canadian Documentary of the Year” in 1997. I hosted and produced this documentary that asks the question: what in the world is going on with society, our weather, with families, with leadership, etc.? It examines, unabashedly, the decline in morals, fidelity, loyalty, and the myriad consequences this is producing.

This is a secular documentary that was produced for a secular audience. It is hard-hitting, in your face material that requires a mature viewer.

CAUTION: Contains graphic images and non-gratuitous sexual content and themes.

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The Passion of the Unborn

BETRAYED and forgotten, the unborn remain in our times the greatest ongoing holocaust in human history. As early as 11 weeks gestation, a fetus can feel pain when it is burned by saline or torn apart in its mother’s womb. In a culture that prides itself on unprecedented rights for animals, it is a horrifying contradiction and injustice. And the price to society is not negligible as future generations have now been decimated in the Western world, and continue to be at a startling rate of over a hundred thousand deaths per day worldwide.

This is the Passion of the Unborn.

WARNING: Contains graphic images

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The Hour of Decision

Controversial Images

Images Moving Hearts

Is a Fetus a Person?

The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth – Part IV

The Hard Truth – Part V

The Hard Truth – Epilogue

The Writing on the Wall

Judgment of the Womb

3 Cities and a Warning for Canada

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A PRECURSOR to the Antichrist is apostasy—a great falling away from the faith. Is it here? Hear what the Popes have to say.