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The End of Our Era

THE end of the world? The end of an era? When does the Antichrist appear? Will it be in our time?  Following Sacred Tradition, Mark answers these questions and more in a fascinating video that will both educate and prepare the viewer for the times we are presently living in.



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Pope Benedict and the End of the World

The Three Days of Darkness

Various questions regarding the end of this era and the end of time: The Seven Year Trial – Epilogue

Understanding the Urgency of Our Time

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We Were Warned

THE world and the Church have not arrived at this decisive moment in time without warning. In Episode 15 of Embracing Hope, Mark addresses a topic he has neither written or spoken of before… of a secret agenda to undermine the Church. But it hasn’t been so secret as several pontiffs over the past two centuries have been warning the faithful about it… but has anyone listened?

Watch this episode to understand how a diabolical plan has been unfolding for centuries and is now ready to be fully implemented… but also how God is in complete control, and nothing comes about without His sovereign hand guiding it. Don’t miss this eye-opening webcast that will help prepare you for the Great Storm of our times.

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The Big Picture – Part II

CHURCH Tradition speaks of an era of peace and justice on earth before the return of Christ. This Episode examines why we may be “crossing the threshold of hope” toward such a period of time.

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The Big Picture

HOW we arrived at these times, and where the world and Church are going. Mark puts the past four centuries into a powerful new light that will shine the way toward tomorrow…