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LAST summer, I was asked to produce a video promo for a Catholic boys summer camp based at the foot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After much blood, sweat, and tears, this is the final product…

The following video portrays some of the events that occur at Arcātheos, a Catholic summer camp for boys. This is but a sampling of the excitement, solid teaching, and pure fun that happens each year. Further information on the specific formation goals of the camp can be found throughout the Arcātheos website: arcatheos.com

The theatrics and battle scenes herein are intended to inspire fortitude and courage in all areas of life. The boys at the camp quickly realize that the heart and soul of Arcātheos is love for Christ, and charity towards our brothers…

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The Power of the Cross

PERHAPS the reason many of us are not growing in holiness is because we misunderstand how the power of God is applied in our lives. Mark explains in this episode how the transforming power of God works in a Christian’s life, and how it’s not too late for anyone to become a saint…

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The Joy of Jesus

WHY are Christians so joyless these days? In this webcast, Mark shares a personal experience in prayer, shedding light on how we can enter into the the joy and “peace that surpasses all understanding.”

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The Basics

EVERY Catholic is called to share the Good News… but do we even know what the “Good News” is, and how to explain it to others? In this episode, Mark gets back to the basics of our faith, explaining very simply what the Good News is, and what our response must be. Evangelization 101!



On the Eve (blog)

My Testimony (webcast)

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Be Merciful to Yourself

IN order to become Apostles of Mercy, we have to be merciful to ourselves. This comes by accepting once again God’s mercy through a courageous act of honesty. This webcast is sure to encourage anyone who is struggling with temptation and failure. God IS on your side…



The Paralyzed Soul

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Can I Be Light?

JESUS said that His followers are the “light of the world.” But often, we feel inadequate—that we could not possibly be an “evangelist” for Him. Mark explains how we can more effectively let the light of Jesus shine through us…