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The Word… Power to Change

POPE Benedict prophetically sees a “new springtime” in the Church fueled by meditation of Sacred Scripture. Why can reading the Bible transform your life and the entire Church? Mark answers this question in a webcast sure to stir a new hunger in viewers for the Word of God.

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THE Church is undergoing an intense purification throughout the entire world, both corporately and individually. St. Paul provides a key to not only enduring your trials, but going through them with joy and acceptance. The answer is to remember in all circumstances…



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The Christmas Miracle

IT’S not just at Christmas, but every day that the “Christmas Miracle” can take place. St. Joseph shows the way in Mark’s Christmas message, and last episode of 2009!

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Hearing God’s Voice – Part II

WITH a New World Order emerging that is moving the world further and further away from God, it is becoming more and more critical that Christians learn to hear and recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd. In this Episode, Mark explains how we can know when we’re hearing God’s voice, and how to respond.

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Hearing God’s Voice – Part I

INFORMATION is flooding the world via the internet, some of it true, some of it false. Mark explains why more than ever it is essential that Christians learn to recognize the voice of Jesus…

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Encountering God’s Thirst

HEARING and recognizing the voice of God is becoming more and more critical in our times. So how do we learn to recognize His voice? Primarily in prayer. In this Episode, Mark looks at what prayer really is: an invitation into Love itself. Hear Mark sing one of his songs!