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Church and State?

WE hear it more and more today: there needs to be a greater separation between Church and State. But what is really meant by some is that the Church simply needs to disappear. In this prophetic and instructive webcast, Mark sets the record straight as to what the proper role of the Church and State are in human affairs… and how the Church urgently needs to raise her voice of truth at this late hour.



Global Revolution!

Quest for Freedom

Seven Seals of Revolution

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Why Religion?

MANY people believe in God, but say they want nothing to do with religion. “It creates division, war, and scandal,” they object. So, if I have a relationship with God, and I pray, do I need religion? In this episode, Mark looks at where religions have come from and why, in particular, we have the Catholic religion. Do we need religion after all?

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The Basics

EVERY Catholic is called to share the Good News… but do we even know what the “Good News” is, and how to explain it to others? In this episode, Mark gets back to the basics of our faith, explaining very simply what the Good News is, and what our response must be. Evangelization 101!



On the Eve (blog)

My Testimony (webcast)

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An Interview on the End Times

ARE we truly living in the “end times”? This is the question Salt + Light Television host Pedro Guevara Mann puts to EHTV’s Mark Mallett in a blunt and compelling interview from a Catholic viewpoint. Mark answers the questions many of us are asking, putting the question of the “end times” into perspective without overlooking the dramatic signs of our day. This is the interview that took place in Toronto for the October 15th edition of S + L’s Perspectives.



Why Aren’t the Popes Shouting?

The Popes and the Dawning Era



Salt + Light Television

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Be Merciful to Yourself

IN order to become Apostles of Mercy, we have to be merciful to ourselves. This comes by accepting once again God’s mercy through a courageous act of honesty. This webcast is sure to encourage anyone who is struggling with temptation and failure. God IS on your side…



The Paralyzed Soul

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The Value of One Soul

WE are all called to sanctity, but we are not all called to the same kind of mission. As a result, some Christians feel insignificant and that their lives have little impact. In this episode, Mark shares a powerful encounter with the Lord that helped him to understand that nothing in the Kingdom is insignificant because of the value of even one soul…

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Can I Be Light?

JESUS said that His followers are the “light of the world.” But often, we feel inadequate—that we could not possibly be an “evangelist” for Him. Mark explains how we can more effectively let the light of Jesus shine through us…

Laborers Are Few

THERE is an “eclipse of God” in our times, a “dimming of the light” of truth, says Pope Benedict. As such, there is a vast harvest of souls in need of the Gospel. However, the other side to this crisis is that laborers are few… Mark explains why faith is not a private matter and why it is everyone’s calling to live and preach the Gospel with our lives—and words.

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How Long?

THE cry of many Christians today is, “How long, Lord? How long before the suffering, sin, and depravity of this generation comes to an end?” This is a song of sorrow, and a song of hope… in Him who is Hope itself.


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