A Healing Retreat

I HAVE tried to write about some other things the past few days, particularly of those things forming in the Great Storm that is now overhead. But when I do, I am completely drawing a blank. I was even frustrated with the Lord because time has been a commodity lately. But I believe there are two reasons for this “writer’s block”…

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Healing Preparations

THERE are a few things to go over before we begin this retreat (which will start on Sunday, May 14th, 2023 and end on Pentecost Sunday, May 28th) — things like where to find the washrooms, mealtimes, etc. Okay, kidding. This is an online retreat. I’ll leave it up to you find the washrooms and plan your meals. But there are a few things that are crucial if this is to be a blessed time for you.Continue reading

Day 1 – Why Am I Here?

WELCOME to The Now Word Healing Retreat! There is no cost, no fee, just your commitment. And so, we begin with readers from all over the world who have come to experience healing and renewal. If you did not read Healing Preparations, please take a moment to review that important information on how to have a successful and blessed retreat, and then come back here.Continue reading

Day 4: On Loving Thyself

NOW that you are resolved to finish this retreat and not give up… God has one of the most important healings in store for you… the healing of your self-image. Many of us have no problem loving others… but when it comes to ourselves?Continue reading

Day 6: Forgiveness to Freedom

LET us begin this new day, these new beginnings: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your unconditional love, lavished upon me when I least deserve it. Thank You for giving me the life of Your Son so that I may truly live. Come now Holy Spirit, and enter into the darkest corners of my heart where there still lingers painful memories, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Shine the light of truth that I may truly see; speak the words of truth that I may truly hear, and be freed from the chains of my past. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.Continue reading

Day 8: The Deepest Wounds

WE are now crossing the halfway point of our retreat. God is not finished, there is more work to do. The Divine Surgeon is beginning to reach the deepest places of our woundedness, not to trouble and disturb us, but to heal us. It can be painful to face these memories. This is the moment of perseverance; this is the moment of walking by faith and not sight, trusting in the process that the Holy Spirit has begun in your heart. Standing beside you is the Blessed Mother and your brothers and sisters, the Saints, all interceding for you. They are closer to you now than they were in this life, because they are fully united to the Holy Trinity in eternity, who dwells within you by virtue of your Baptism.

Yet, you may feel alone, even abandoned as you struggle to answer questions or to hear the Lord speaking to you. But as the Psalmist says, “Where can I go from your Spirit? From your presence, where can I flee?”[1]Psalm 139:7 Jesus promised: “I am with you always, until the end of the age.”[2]Matt 28:20Continue reading


1 Psalm 139:7
2 Matt 28:20