Five Means to “Be Not Afraid”


Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors to Christ”!
—ST. JOHN PAUL II, Homily, Saint Peter’s Square
October 22, 1978, No. 5


First published June 18th, 2019.


YES, I know John Paul II often said, “Be not afraid!” But as we see the Storm winds increasing around us and waves beginning to overwhelm the Barque of Peter… as freedom of religion and speech become fragile and the possibility of an antichrist remains on the horizon… as Marian prophecies are being fulfilled in real-time and the warnings of the popes go unheeded… as your own personal troubles, divisions and sorrows mount around you… how can one possibly not be afraid?”Continue reading

On Recovering Our Dignity


Life is always a good.
This is an instinctive perception and a fact of experience,
and man is called to grasp the profound reason why this is so.
Why is life a good?
Evangelium Vitae, 34


WHAT happens to people’s minds when their culture — a culture of death — informs them that human life is not only disposable but apparently an existential evil to the planet? What happens to the psyche of children and young adults who are repeatedly told that they are just a random by-product of evolution, that their existence is “overpopulating” the earth, that their “carbon footprint” is ruining the planet? What happens to seniors or the ill when they are told that their health issues are costing the “system” too much? What happens to youth who are encouraged to reject their biological sex? What happens to one’s self-image when their worth is defined, not by their inherent dignity but by their productivity?Continue reading

The Hour to Shine


THERE is much chatter these days among the Catholic remnant about “refuges” — physical places of divine protection. It is understandable, as it is within the natural law for us to want to survive, to avoid pain and suffering. The nerve endings in our body reveal these truths. And still, there is a higher truth yet: that our salvation passes through the Cross. As such, pain and suffering now take on a redemptive value, not only for our own souls but for that of others as we fill up “what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the Church” (Col 1:24).Continue reading


ARE you feeling frozen in fear, paralyzed in moving forward into the future? Practical words from Heaven to get your spiritual feet moving again…

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Faith, Not Fear


AS the world becomes more unstable and the times more uncertain, people are looking for answers. Some of those answers are found at Countdown to the Kingdom where “Heaven’s Messages” are being provided for the faithful’s discernment. While this has borne many good fruits, some people are also afraid.Continue reading

When We Doubt


SHE looked at me like I was crazy. As I spoke at a recent conference about the Church’s mission to evangelize and the power of the Gospel, a woman seated near the back had a contorted look on her face. She would occasionally whisper mockingly to her sister sitting beside her and then return to me with a stupefied gaze. It was hard not to notice. But then, it was hard not to notice her sister’s expression, which was markedly different; her eyes spoke of a soul searching, processing, and yet, not certain.Continue reading

Fear Not!

Against the Wind, by Liz Lemon Swindle, 2003


WE have entered the decisive struggle with the powers of darkness. I wrote in When the Stars Fall how the popes believe we are living the hour of Revelation 12, but especially verse four, where the devil sweeps to the earth a “third of the stars of heaven.” These “fallen stars,” according to biblical exegesis, are the hierarchy of the Church—and that, according to private revelation as well. A reader brought to my attention the following message, allegedly from Our Lady, that carries the Magisterium’s Imprimatur. What is remarkable about this locution is that it refers to the falling of these stars in the same period that Marxist ideologies are spreading—that is, the underpinning ideology of Socialism and Communism that are gaining traction again, especially in the West.[1]cf. When Communism Returns Continue reading


Courage in the Storm


ONE moment they were cowards, the next courageous. One moment they were doubting, the next they were certain. One moment they were hesitant, the next, they rushed headlong toward their martyrdoms. What made the difference in those Apostles that turned them into fearless men?Continue reading

The Paralysis of Despair

for July 6th, 2017
Thursday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Opt. Memorial of St. Maria Goretti

Liturgical texts here


THERE are many things in life that can cause us to despair, but none, perhaps, as much as our own faults.Continue reading

Courage… to the End

for June 29th, 2017
Thursday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time
Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

Liturgical texts here


TWO years ago, I wrote The Growing Mob. I said then that ‘the zeitgeist has shifted; there is a growing boldness and intolerance sweeping through the courts, flooding the media, and spilling out onto the streets. Yes, the time is right to silence the Church. These sentiments have existed for some time now, decades even. But what is new is that they have gained the power of the mob, and when it reaches this stage, the anger and intolerance begin to move very fast.’Continue reading



DO you have plans, dreams, and desires for the future unfolding before you? And yet, do you sense that “something” is near? That the signs of the times point toward great changes in the world, and that to move forward with your plans would be a contradiction?


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Five Keys to True Joy


IT was a gorgeous deep-blue sky as our plane began the descent to the airport. As I peered out my little window, the brilliance of the cumulus clouds made me squint. It was a beautiful sight.

But as we plunged beneath the clouds, the world suddenly turned gray. Rain streaked across my window as the cities below seemed encamped by a foggy darkness and seemingly inescapable gloom. And yet, the reality of the warm sun and clear skies hadn’t changed. They were still there.

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Keeper of the Storm

for Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Liturgical texts here

“Peace Be Still” by Arnold Friberg


LAST week, I took some time off to take my family camping, something we rarely get to do. I set aside the Pope’s new encyclical, grabbed a fishing rod, and pushed away from shore. As I floated on the lake in a small boat, the words swam through my mind:

Keeper of the Storm…

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Will You Leave Them for Dead?

for Monday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time, June 1st, 2015
Memorial of St. Justin

Liturgical texts here


FEAR, brothers and sisters, is silencing the Church in many places and thus imprisoning truth. The cost of our trepidation can be counted in souls: men and women left to suffer and die in their sin. Do we even think in this way anymore, think of the spiritual health of one another? No, in many parishes we do not because we are more concerned with the status quo than quoting the state of our souls.

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Belle, and Training for Courage



SHE’s my horse. She’s adorable. She tries so hard to please, to do the right thing… but Belle is scared of just about everything. Well, that makes two of us.

You see, almost thirty years ago, my only sister was killed in a car accident. From that day on, I began to be afraid of just about everything: afraid to lose those I love, afraid to fail, afraid that I wasn’t pleasing God, and the list goes on. Over the years, that underlying fear has continued to unfold in so many ways… afraid that I might lose my spouse, afraid my kids might be hurt, afraid that those close to me don’t love me, afraid of debt, afraid that I’m always making the wrong decisions… In my ministry, I’ve been afraid to lead others astray, afraid to fail the Lord, and yes, afraid too at times of the billowing black clouds quickly gathering over the world.

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Be Faithful

for Friday, January 16th, 2015

Liturgical texts here


THERE is so much happening in our world, so quickly, that it can be overwhelming. There is so much suffering, adversity, and busyness in our lives that it can be discouraging. There is so much dysfunction, societal breakdown, and division that it can be numbing. In fact, the world’s rapid descent into darkness in these times has left many fearful, despairing, paranoid… paralyzed.

But the answer to all this, brothers and sisters, is to simply be faithful.

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So Why are You Afraid?




JESUS said, “Father, they are your gift to me.” [1]John 17:24

      So how does one treat a precious gift?

Jesus said, “You are my friends.” [2]John 15:14

      So how does one support his friends?

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1 John 17:24
2 John 15:14


for September 30th, 2014
Memorial of St. Jerome

Liturgical texts here



ONE man laments his sufferings. The other goes straight toward them. One man questions why he was born. Another fulfills His destiny. Both men long for their deaths.

The difference being that Job wants to die to end his suffering. But Jesus wants to die to end our suffering. And thus…

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for July 21st – July 26th, 2014
Ordinary Time

Liturgical texts here



IN truth, brothers and sisters, since writing the “Flame of Love” series on our Mother and Lord’s plan (see The Convergence and the Blessing, More on the Flame of Love, and The Rising Morning Star), I have had a very difficult time writing anything since then. If you’re going to promote the Woman, the dragon is never far behind. It’s all a good sign. Ultimately, it is the sign of the Cross.

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Don't Be Afraid to Be Light

for June 2nd – June 7th, 2014
of the Seventh Week of Easter

Liturgical texts here



DO you only debate with others over morality, or do you also share with them your love for Jesus and what He is doing in your life? Many Catholics today are very comfortable with the former, but not with the latter. We can make our intellectual views known, and sometimes forcefully, but then we are quiet, if not silent, when it comes to opening our hearts. This can be for two basic reasons: either we are ashamed to share what Jesus is doing in our souls, or we actually have nothing to say because our inner life with Him is neglected and dead, a branch disconnected from the Vine… a light bulb unscrewed from the Socket.

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Conquering Fear In Our Times


Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Finding in the Temple, by Michael D. O’Brien.


LAST week, the Holy Father sent 29 newly ordained priests into the world asking them to “proclaim and witness to joy.” Yes! We must all continue to witness to others the joy of knowing Jesus.

But many Christians do not even feel joy, let alone witness to it. In fact, many are full of stress, anxiety, fear, and a sense of abandonment as the pace of life quickens, the cost of living increases, and they watch the news headlines unfold around them. “How,” some ask, “can I be joyful?”


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Finding Joy



IT can be difficult to read the writings on this website at times, particularly the Seven Year Trial which contains rather sobering events. That is why I want to pause and address a common feeling that I imagine several readers are dealing with right now: a sense of depression or sadness over the present state of things, and those things which are coming.

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Paralyzed by Fear — Part I

Jesus Prays in the Garden,
by Gustave Doré, 


First published September 27th, 2006. I have updated this writing…


WHAT is this fear that has gripped the Church?

In my writing How To Know When a Chastisment is Near, it’s as though the Body of Christ, or at least parts of it, are paralyzed when it comes to defending the truth, defending life, or defending the innocent.

We are afraid. Afraid to be mocked, insulted, or excluded from our friends, family, or the office circle.

Fear is the disease of our age. —Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, March 21, 2009, Catholic News Agency

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Follow Jesus Without Fear!

In the face of totalitarianism… 


Originally posted May 23, 2006:


A letter from a reader: 

I want to voice some concerns about what you write on your site. You keep implying that “The End [of the age] Is Near.” You keep implying that the Antichrist will inevitably come within my lifetime (I am twenty-four). You keep implying that it is too late for [chastisements to be averted]. I may be oversimplifying, but that’s the impression I get. If that is the case, then what’s the point of going on?

For instance, look at me. Ever since my Baptism, I have dreamed of being a storyteller for God’s greater glory. I have recently decided I am best as a writer of novels and such, so now I have just started to focus on developing prose skills. I dream of creating literary works that will touch people’s hearts for decades to come. At times like this I feel like I’ve been born in the worst possible time. Do you recommend that I throw away my dream? Do you recommend that I throw away my creative gifts? Do you recommend that I never look forward to the future?


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The Day of Difference!

Artist Unknown


I have updated this writing which I first published October 19th, 2007:


I HAVE written often that we need to stay awake, to watch and pray, unlike the slumbering apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane. How critical this vigilance has become! Perhaps many of you feel a great fear that you are either asleep, or perhaps that you will fall asleep, or that you will even run from the Garden! 

But there is one crucial difference between the apostles of today, and the Apostles of the Garden: Pentecost. Before Pentecost, the Apostles were fearful men, full of doubt, denial, and timidity. But after Pentecost, they were transformed. Suddenly, these once ineffectual men burst into the streets of Jerusalem before their persecutors, preaching the Gospel without compromise! The difference?



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Of Fear and Chastisements

Our Lady of Akita weeping statue (approved apparition) 


I RECEIVE letters from time to time from readers who are very upset about the possibility of chastisements coming to the earth. One gentleman recently commented that his girlfriend thought they shouldn’t marry because of the possibility of having a child during coming tribulations. 

The answer to this is one word: faith.

First published December 13th, 2007, I have updated this writing. 


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I Will Keep You Safe!

The Rescuer by Michael D. O’Brien


Because you have kept my message of endurance, I will keep you safe in the time of trial that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. I am coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown. (Rev 3:10-11)


First published April 24th, 2008.


BEFORE the Day of Justice, Jesus promises us a "Day of Mercy". But is this mercy not available to us each second of the day right now? It is, but the world, particularly the West, has fallen into a deathly coma… a hypnotic trance, fixated upon the material, the tangible, the sexual; upon reason alone, and science and technology and all the dazzling innovations and false light it brings. It is:

A society which seems to have forgotten God and to resent even the most elementary demands of Christian morality. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, U.S. visit, BBC News, April 20th,2008

In just the past 10 years alone, we have seen a proliferation of temples for these gods erected all over North America: a veritable explosion of casinos, box stores, and "adult" shops.

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Losing Fear

A child in His mother’s arms… (artist unknown)


YES, we must find joy in the midst of this present darkness. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and therefore, ever-present to the Church. Yet, it is natural to be afraid of losing one’s security, or fearful of persecution or martyrdom. Jesus felt this human quality so intensely that He sweat drops of blood. But then, God sent Him an angel to strengthen Him, and Jesus’ fear was replaced by a quiet, docile peace.

Herein lies the root of the tree which bears the fruit of joy: total abandonment to God.

He who ‘fears’ the Lord is ‘not afraid.’ —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Vatican City, June 22, 2008;


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Prophetic Perspective — Part II


AS I prepare to write more of the vision of hope that’s been laid upon my heart, I want to share with you some very crucial words, to bring both the darkness and light into focus.

In Prophetic Perspective (Part I), I wrote how important it is for us to grasp the big picture, that prophetic words and images, though they bear a sense of imminence, carry broader meanings and often cover vast periods of time. The danger is that we become caught up in their sense of imminence, and lose perspective… that the will of God is our food, that we are to ask only for “our daily bread,” and that Jesus commands us not to be anxious about tomorrow, but to seek first the Kingdom today.

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One Coin, Two Sides



OVER the past couple of weeks in particular, the meditations here have likely been difficult for you to read—and truthfully, for me to write. While pondering this in my heart, I heard:

I am giving these words so as to warn and move hearts to repentance.

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Paralyzed by Fear — Part III

Artist Unknown 




FEAR comes in many forms: feelings of inadequacy, insecurity in one’s gifts, procrastination, lack of faith, loss of hope, and erosion of love. This fear, when married to the mind, begets a child. It’s name is Complacency.

I want to share a profound letter I received the other day:

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Paralyzed by Fear — Part II

Transfiguration of Christ — St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome


And behold, two men were conversing with him, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem. (Luke 9:30-31)



JESUS’s transfiguration on the mountain was preparation for His coming passion, death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven. Or as the two prophets Moses and Elijah called it, "his exodus".

So too, it seems as though God is sending our generation prophets once again to prepare us for the coming trials of the Church. This has many a soul rattled; others prefer to ignore the signs around them and pretend nothing is coming at all. 

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PROLOGUE (How To Know When a Chastisement is Near)

Jesus Mocked, by Gustave Doré,  1832-1883



Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck and he were thrown into the sea. (Mark 9:42) 

would do well to let these words of Christ sink into our collective minds—especially given a worldwide trend gaining momentum.

Graphic sex-education programs and materials are finding their way into many schools across the globe. Brazil, Scotland, Mexico, the United States, and several provinces in Canada are among them. The most recent example…


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Time Out!

Sacred Heart of Jesus by Michael D. O’Brien


I HAVE been overwhelmed with a tremendous number of emails the past week from priests, deacons, layman, Catholics, and Protestants alike, and nearly all of them confirming the "prophetic" sense in "Trumpets of Warning!"

I did receive one tonight from a woman who is shaken and afraid. I want to respond to that letter here, and hope you will take a moment to read this. I hope it will keep perspectives in balance, and hearts in the right place…

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AS I walked the aisle to Communion this morning, I felt as though the cross I was carrying was made of concrete.

As I continued back to the pew, my eye was drawn to an icon of the paralyzed man being lowered in his stretcher to Jesus. Immediately I felt that I was the paralyzed man.

The men who lowered the paralytic through the ceiling into Christ’s presence did so through hard work, faith, and perseverance. But it was only the paralytic–who did nothing but gaze at Jesus in helplessness and hope–to whom Christ said,

“Your sins are forgiven…. rise, pick up your mat, and go home.”

The Tempest of Fear




IT seems as though the world is gripped in fear.

Turn on the evening news, and it can be unnerving: war in the Mid-east, strange viruses threatening large populations, imminent terrorism, school shootings, office shootings, bizarre crimes, and the list goes on. For Christians, the list grows even larger as courts and governments continue to eradicate the freedom of religious belief and even prosecute defenders of the faith. Then there is the growing “tolerance” movement which is tolerant of everyone except, of course, orthodox Christians.

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