Judgment Begins With the Household

 Photo by EPA, at 6pm in Rome, February 11th, 2013


AS a young man, I dreamed of being a singer/songwriter, of dedicating my life to music. But it seemed too unrealistic and impractical. And so I went into mechanical engineering—a profession that paid well, but was totally unsuitable to my gifts and disposition. After three years, I made a leap into the world of television news. But my soul grew restless until the Lord eventually called me into full-time ministry. There, I thought I would live out my days as a singer of ballads. But God had other plans.


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And So, It Comes

for February 13th-15th, 2017

Liturgical texts here

Cain slaying Abel, Titian, c. 1487—1576


This is an important writing for you and your family. It is an address to the hour in which humanity is now living. I have combined three meditations in one so that the flow of thought remains unbroken.There are some serious and powerful prophetic words here worth discerning at this hour….


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The Great Poisoning


writings have ever led me to the point of tears, as this one has. Three years ago, the Lord put it on my heart to write about The Great Poisoning. Since then, the poisoning of our world has only increased exponentially. The bottom line is that much of what we consume, drink, breathe, bathe and clean with, is toxic. The health and well-being of people all over the world are being compromised as cancer rates, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, allergies, auto-immune conditions and drug-resistant diseases continue to sky-rocket at alarming rates. And the cause of much of this is within an arm’s length of most people.


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The Storm of Confusion

“You are the light of the world” (Matt 5:14)


AS I attempt to pen this writing to you today, I confess, I have had to start over several times. The reason is that The Storm of Fear to doubt God and His promises, The Storm of Temptation to turn to worldly solutions and security, and The Storm of Division that has sown judgments and suspicions in people’s hearts… means that many are losing their capacity to trust as they are engulfed in a whirlwind of confusion. And so, I ask you to bear with me, to be patient as I too pick the dust and debris from my eyes (it’s awfully windy up here on the wall!). There is a way through this Storm of Confusion, but it will demand your trust—not in me—but in Jesus, and the Ark He is providing. There are crucial and practical things I will address. But first, a few “now words” on the present moment and the big picture…


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The Storm of Division

Hurricane Sandy, Photograph by Ken Cedeno, Corbis Images


WHETHER it has been global politics, the recent American presidential campaign, or family relationships, we are living in a time when divisions are becoming more glaring, intense and bitter. In fact, the more we are connected by social media, the more divided we seem to be as Facebook, forums, and comment sections become a platform by which to disparage the other—even one’s own kin… even one’s own pope. I receive letters from all over the world that mourn the terrible divisions that many are experiencing, particularly within their families. And now we are seeing the remarkable and perhaps even prophesied disunity of “cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops” as foretold by Our Lady of Akita in 1973.

The question, then, is how to bring yourself, and hopefully your family, through this Storm of Division?


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The Sifted

for Wednesday, December 26th, 2016
Feast of St. Stephen the Martyr

Liturgical texts here

St. Stephen the Martyr, Bernardo Cavallino (d. 1656)


To be a martyr is to feel the storm coming and willingly to endure it at the call of duty, for Christ’s sake, and for the good of the brethren. —Blessed John Henry Newman, from Magnificat, Dec. 26th, 2016


IT may seem odd that, the very next day after the joyful feast of Christmas Day, we commemorate the martyrdom of the first professed Christian. And yet, it is most fitting, because this Babe whom we adore is also a Babe whom we must follow—from the crib to the Cross. While the world races to the nearest stores for “Boxing Day” sales, Christians are called on this day to flee from the world and refocus their eyes and hearts upon eternity. And that requires a renewed renunciation of self—most especially, the renunciation of being liked, accepted, and blended into the landscape of the world. And this all the more as those who hold fast to moral absolutes and Sacred Tradition today are being labeled as “haters”, “rigid”, “intolerant”, “dangerous”, and “terrorists” of the common good.


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Capitalism and the Beast


YES, God’s Word will be vindicated… but standing in the way, or at least trying to, will be what St. John calls a “beast.” It is a false kingdom offering to the world a false hope and false security through technology, transhumanism, and a generic spirituality that makes “a pretense of religion but denies its power.” [1]2 Tim 3:5 That is, it will be Satan’s version of the kingdom of God—without God. It will be so convincing, so seemingly reasonable, so irresistible, that the world in general will “worship” it. [2]Rev 13:12 The word for worship here in the Latin is adorare: people will “adore” the Beast.


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1. 2 Tim 3:5
2. Rev 13:12
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Living the Book of Revelation

The Woman Clothed with the Sun, by John Collier



This writing is an important backdrop to what I want to write next on the “beast”. The last three popes (and Benedict XVI and John Paul II in particular) have indicated rather explicitly that we are living the Book of Revelation. But first, a letter I received from a beautiful young priest:

I rarely miss a Now Word post.  I’ve found your writing to be very balanced, well researched, and pointing each reader toward something very important: faithfulness to Christ and His Church. Over the course of this past year I’ve been experiencing (I can’t really explain it) a sense that we are living in the end times (I know you’ve been writing about this for awhile but it’s really only been the last year and half that it’s been hitting me).  There are too many signs that seem to indicate that something is about to happen.  Lot’s to pray about that’s for sure! But a deep sense above all to trust and to draw close to the Lord and our Blessed Mother.

The following was first published November 24th, 2010…


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Can We Have This Discussion?



SEVERAL weeks ago, I wrote that it is time for me ‘to speak directly, boldly, and without apology to the “remnant” who are listening. It is only a remnant of readers now, not because they are special, but chosen; it is a remnant, not because all are not invited, but few respond.’ [1]cf. The Convergence and the Blessing That is, I have spent ten years writing about the times we live in, constantly referencing Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium so as to bring balance to a discussion that perhaps too frequently relies only on private revelation. Nonetheless, there are some who simply feel any discussion of the “end times” or the crises we face is too gloomy, negative, or fanatical—and so they simply delete and unsubscribe. So be it. Pope Benedict was pretty straightforward about such souls:


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Revolution of the Heart



THERE is the equivalent of a socio-political earthquake underway, a Global Revolution that is disturbing the nations and polarizing peoples. To see it unfolding in real-time now speaks of how close the world is to great upheaval.


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Unless the Lord Build It



I received a number of letters and comments over the weekend from my American friends, nearly all of them cordial and hopeful. I get the sense that some feel I am a bit of a “wet rag” in suggesting that the revolutionary spirit afoot in our world today has not nearly run its course, and that America is still facing a great upheaval, as is every nation in the world. This, at least, is the “prophetic consensus” spanning centuries, and frankly, a simple viewing of the “signs of the times”, if not the headlines. But I will also say that, beyond the hard labor pains, a new era of true justice and peace awaits us. There is always hope… but God help me should I offer you a false hope.


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The Fate of the World is Teetering



THE fate of the world is teetering,” claimed U.S. President Barack Obama,  as he actively campaigned recently for presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. [1]cf. Business InsiderNov. 2nd, 2016  He was referring to the possible election of Donald Trump—an anti-establishment candidate—and suggested that the world’s fate is hanging in the balance, were the real estate magnate to be elected.


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1. cf. Business InsiderNov. 2nd, 2016
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