The Time of Transition



DEAR friends,

Forgive me, but I wish to speak for a brief moment about my particular mission. In doing so, I think you will have a better understanding of the writings which have unfolded on this site since last August of 2006.



One year to the day, this past Sunday, I had a powerful experience before the Blessed Sacrament wherein the Lord was calling me to a specific mission. That mission was unclear to me in its exact nature… but I understood that I was being called to exercise the normative charism of prophecy (see the First Reading from Sunday’s Office of Readings: Isaiah 6:1-13 this past Sunday, which is the same reading of that day a year ago). I say this with great hesitation, as there is nothing more loathsome than a self-appointed prophet. I am merely, as the spiritual director of these writings has said, God’s "little courier."

This does not mean that everything I’ve written is to be taken at its word. All prophecy must be discerned because it is filtered through the messenger: his imagination, his understanding, his knowledge, experience and perception. That’s not a bad thing; God knows He is using imperfect human beings, and even uses our distinct personalities to convey the message. God has created each of us in a unique way in order to convey the Gospel in a billion different ways. That’s the wonder of God, never confined or rigid, but expressing His glory and creative love in infinite expressions.

When it comes to the exercise of prophecy, then, it simply means that we must be careful and cautious. But open.

I believe the objective role God gave me was to synthesize in the simplest way possible the times we are living in, drawing upon several sources: the ordinary Magisterium of the Church, the Early Church Fathers, the Catechism, Sacred Scripture, the Saints, approved mystics and seers, and of course, the inspirations which God has given me. The first criteria for any private relevation is that it must not contradict the Tradition of the Church. I am particularly grateful to Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi for his precious scholarship which has framed modern mysticism and Marian apparitions within the solid and trustworthy voice of Tradition, somewhat weakened through the centuries, but recovered in these days. 



The purpose of the writings on this website are to prepare you for events which lie directly ahead of the Church and the world. I cannot say how long these events will take to unfold. It could be years or decades. But I believe it is within the lifetime of the children of John Paul II, that is, that generation which he called forth in his World Youth Days. And even then, Divine Wisdom can confound our notion of times and places!

So don’t over-focus on timing. But listen carefully to the urgency which Heaven is conveying. DO NOT IGNORE THIS CALL TO PREPARE YOUR SOUL ANY LONGER! If you have not yet, get upon your knees today and say yes to Jesus! Say yes to His gift of salvation. Confess your sins. Acknowledge your need for the salvation which comes through the Cross. And consecrate yourself to Mary, that is, entrust yourself to her protection to guide you safely within the Ark of her Immaculate Heart to the great Ship of the Holy Trinity. Jesus has made her mediatrix of this protection and these graces. Who are we to argue!

This is not the time to engage in worldly affairs beyond what is necessary! This is not the time to pursue the pleasures of this world as one’s priority! This is not the time to fall asleep in complacency or apathy. We must stay awake now. We must refocus ourselves (but do so gently and steadily, for we are weak). We must sift our plans and priorities. We must take time to pray, pray, and pray some more, listening carefully to the still, small voice speaking within the heart. 



This is the time of transition. It has begun. The beginning of beginnings and end of ends. This is the time when the words of the prophets and of the holy Gospels will be fulfilled in their fullest.

What a time of joy this is! For the victory of Christ won on the Cross is going to be applied in a powerful, decisive way in the times which lay ahead. It is not as if this hasn’t already been occurring. There are four seasons in a year, all of them flowing one into the other. But the Great Winter which precedes the New Springtime is near. The time of Fall, of a Great Stripping, is here.

Can you hear the winds blowing? They blow with the force of a hurricane. These are the winds which signal to us the presence of the Ark of the New Covenant, rumbling, and thundering, with flashes of lightning, clothed in the authority and power of God (Rev 11:19—12:1-2). She is going to accomplish now her Triumph, which—do not fear, my Protestant brothers and sisters—is the Triumph of her Son. Just as Christ entered the world once through her womb, He will now bring about his victory through this little handmaiden once again (Gen 3:15).

It is not the time for fear, but the time for joy, for the glory of the Lord is going to be revealed through the breaking of strongholds which have kept the people of God in slavery. He will reveal His majesty as He did in Egypt when, through a series of great interventions, He delivered His people into the promised land.

It is the time to trust. To move forward in the mission God has prepared for you. But we must move like Mary… small, little, becoming the last and least of all. In this way, the power and light of God will shine through us uninhibited.  

This is the time when our cries for the souls of sinners, especially those most in need of God’s mercy, must rise like incense to the holy nostrils of the Father. Yes, may the victory of Mary be that we snatch away from the wicked claws of Satan those souls whom he thought were his, but will now become the crown of victory upon Mary’s brow, and those of her remnant.

This is the time when the army of God, prepared over these years and decades is going to be mobilized. It is the time when signs and wonders and great miracles will increase. There will be false signs and wonders coming from the powers of darkness, but there will also be true signs and wonders, that is, holy miracles coming from the power of the Holy Spirit within us, and God from without….

It is the time when the powers and pride of man will be shaken, sovereignties will crumble, nations will be re-aligned, and many will disappear. The world tomorrow will be much different than the world of today. The people of God must be ready to move as in a great Exile through the Desert of Trial, but also t
he Desert of Hope.

The woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. (Rev 12:6)

This "woman" is the Church. But it is also the Church within the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our safe refuge in these Days of Thunder.

The plans of God so eagerly anticipated even by the angels are upon us.  



In a forthcoming letter, I will lay out a basic map of what has unfolded through these writings. It is not written in stone like the Ten Commandments, but offers, I believe, a good understanding of what is coming, based on the aforementioned authoritative sources. 

These are the days of Elijah. These are the days when God’s prophets will begin to speak to the world bold words.

Listen. Watch. And pray.




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