The Bowl of the Heart

Bowl--Open Heart


IF the Eucharist is truly Jesus, why do so many of us seem unchanged after receiving Holy Communion?

Think of your heart like a bowl.

When you come to Mass with an open heart, attentive to the Word, trusting in God despite your feelings… it is like the “bowl” is turned up. When you receive the Eucharist, all the graces God pours out from the Chalice of Christ’s love, fill your heart. In turn, your heart circulates this gift of Christ’s Body and Blood through your being, and transformation continues, bit by bit.

But when one comes to Mass with a closed heart, watching the clock, daydreaming, receiving Communion like a stick of gum… it is like the “bowl” is turned upside down. God pours out graces on such a soul as well… but they roll off his heart like water off a roof.

Upside-down Bowl



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