Conquering the Heart of God



FAILURE. When it comes to the spiritual, we often feel like complete failures. But listen, Christ suffered and died precisely for failures. To sin is to fail… to fail to live up to the image in Whom we are created. And so, in that regard, we are all failures, for all have sinned.

Do you think Christ is shocked by your failures? God, who knows the number of hairs on your head? Who has counted the stars? Who knows the universe of your thoughts, dreams, and desires?  God is not surprised. He sees fallen human nature with perfect clarity. He sees it’s limitations, its defects, and its proclivities, so much so, that nothing short of a Savior could salvage it. Yes, He sees us, fallen, wounded, weak, and responds by sending a Savior. That is to say, He sees that we cannot save ourselves.

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