More on Our Lady's Hands…

The recent fire near the broken statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje


THE emails continue to roll in on the seeming phenomenon of hands breaking off of Marian statues, sometimes without any apparent reason. Here’s one more sampling of letters:

After Mass this past Sunday, I went into my backyard garden to check on our two foot statue of Mary, and sure enough, both of her hands have been severed clean off.  She resides in a heavily mulched area, so even if she were to fall, it would have been a soft landing, and virtually impossible to take off both hands.

This morning, I checked the small Medjugorje statuette I have on my dresser, and her left hand is also gone.

She has stemmed the tide of God’s justice for almost 100 years now (Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, Medjugorje).  If this is truly symbolic of her withdrawing her hand, God help us all!

I want to repeat again that Our Mother would never withdraw from her children, and that her intercession and role as Mediatrix will continue for us until the end of time. The fact that in many of her apparitions light (grace) pours forth from her hands, I continue to ponder in my heart if these broken statues are not a sign that the time of grace is soon to expire… that her hands breaking off are a sign that the time of grace will soon "break off." 

Whatever "soon" is in God’s divine timing. 

Another interpretation others have given is that we are to be the hands of Mary in the world. Indeed, as St. Theresa said, we should be our Lord’s hands and feet.



I apologize to my readers for not putting the word out sooner, particularly those of you who live in the state of Texas. I am flying into Fort Worth this weekend for the following events: 

  • September 13: Encounter With Jesus, San Mateo Parish, Fort Worth, TX, 7:30 pm 
  • September 14: Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 1 – 5 pm

I will be speaking and singing at both events. God pours out so many graces, sometimes visibly to souls, during Adoration. I pray you are able to come and encounter Jesus (read one testimony here).  If you are fleeing Hurricane Ike, then perhaps you may be able to make your refuge in Fort Worth for the weekend. 

Please remember these events in your prayers, and the people of southern Texas over this weekend.