The Sun of Justice



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Look to the East! The Sun of Justice is rising. He comes, the Rider Upon the White Horse!

call to the Bastion (see To the Bastion!) is a call to come to Jesus, the Rock, in the Blessed Sacrament, and there, to wait with Our Blessed Mother for the Battle orders. It is a time of intense preparation, not anxious, but intense—by fasting, frequent Confession, the Rosary, and attending Mass whenever one can, so as to be in a state of childlike attentiveness. And do not forget love, my friends, which without with all the others are empty. For I believe the Seals of Revelation are about to be broken by the “Lamb who seemed to have been slain”, as St. John foresaw it in chapters 5-6 in the Apocalypse.

Consider the current signs of the times as 2012 enter its final seasons: as war brews in the Middle East, the second seal seems to speak of global war; as the United Nations warns of a global food crisis in 2013, the third seal speaks of food rationing; as mysterious diseases and outbreaks are popping up all over the world, the fourth seal speaks of plagues and further famine and chaos; as the United States, Canada, and many other countries begin to move to curtail freedom of speech and thought, the fifth seal speaks of persecution. All of this leads to the sixth seal, which as I’ve written before, appears very much to be some kind of “illumination of conscience” of the entire world (cf. Revelation Illumination)—a great gift to humanity  before the door of Mercy closes, and the door of Justice opens wide (cf. The Doors of Faustina).

As I consider that the words below were first written in October of 2007, one can’t help but thank God that we have had these past five years to further prepare our hearts for the Great Storm that is now unfolding in our time…

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