Manifesting Jesus

for July 28th – August 2nd, 2014
Ordinary Time

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PAUSE, take a moment, and reset your soul. By this, I mean, remind yourself that this is all real. That God exists; that there are angels around you, saints praying for you, and a Mother who has been sent to lead you into battle. Take a moment… think of those inexplicable miracles in your life and others that have been sure signs of God’s activity, from the gift of this morning’s sunrise to even the more dramatic of physical cures… the “miracle of the sun” witnessed by tens of thousands at Fatima… the stigmata of saints like Pio… the Eucharistic miracles… the incorruptible bodies of saints… the “near-death” testimonies… the transformation of great sinners into saints… the quiet miracles that God constantly does in your life by renewing His mercies toward you each morning.

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