Of Desire

Day 17

restingjesus_Fotor3from Christ at Rest, by Hans Holbein the Younger (1519)


TO rest with Jesus in the Storm is not a passive rest, as though we are to remain oblivious to the world around us. It is not…

…the rest of inactivity, but of the harmonious working of all the faculties and affections—of will, heart, imagination, conscience—because each has found in God the ideal sphere for its satisfaction and development. —J. Patrick, Vine’s Expository, p. 529; cf. Hastings’ Bible Dictionary

Think of the Earth and its orbit. The planet is in perpetual motion, always encircling the Sun, thereby generating the seasons; always rotating, generating night and day; always faithful to the course set out for it by the Creator. There you have the picture of what it means to “rest”: to live perfectly in the Divine Will.

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