Day 15: A New Pentecost

YOU’VE made it! The end of our retreat — but not the end of God’s gifts, and never the end of His love. In fact, today is very special because the Lord has a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit to bestow upon you. Our Lady has been praying for you and anticipating this moment as well, as she joins you in the upper room of your heart to pray for a “new Pentecost” in your soul. Continue reading

Day 14: The Center of the Father

SOMETIMES we can get stuck in our spiritual lives due to our wounds, judgments, and unforgiveness. This retreat, thus far, has been a means to help you see the truths about both yourself and your Creator, so that “the truth will set you free.” But it is necessary that we live and have our being in the whole truth, in the very center of the Father’s heart of love…Continue reading