On Radical Traditionalism

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THERE is no question that a post-Vatican II revolution of “progressives” has wreaked havoc in the Church, ultimately levelling entire religious orders, church architecture, music and Catholic culture – manifestly witnessed in all things surrounding the Liturgy. I have written much about the damage to the Mass as it emerged after the Second Vatican Council (see Weaponizing the Mass). I have heard first-hand accounts of how “reformers” entered into parishes late at night, white-washing iconography, smashing statues, and taking a chainsaw to ornate high altars. In their place, a simple altar covered in a white cloth was left standing in the middle of the sanctuary — to the horror of many churchgoers at the next Mass. “What the Communists did in our churches by force,” immigrants from Russia and Poland have said to me, “is what you’re doing yourselves!”Continue reading