A Hitch

In Concert, Lombard, Illinois 


WE are into week two of our concert tour across the United States.  It is has been an extraordinary time, as we all sense the Spirit moving. In fact, once again, we are being followed by howling winds, just as it was in the last tour here. Perhaps it is a sign of John Paul II’s intercession, as strong winds would often accompany him.

The word I am consistently given in concert to speak to the audience is: 


Are you ready? Are you in a state of grace? Enter the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our refuge and hiding place…

We continue to be plagued with crises—but are taking them all in stride. We have lost a couple sound speakers from unknown electrical problems, and stomach flu has seized me tonight. But most perplexing of all is that our inventory of CD’s, which we were forced to ship from Canada, were mistakenly mis-routed by the courier. Essentially, our livelihood is out there somewhere on an eighteen wheeler—and no one knows where.

Ah yes, plentiful opportunities to put faith into action!



When we took out a loan for our tour bus a couple years ago, I felt the urge to call it “The Alexandria” after the city from which Paul took a ship to sail to Rome. That ship, however, was destroyed in a storm, but everyone on board survived.  In our efforts to preach the Gospel, we are taking significant material “losses”… but we believe the spiritual gains are wonderful based on the conversations we are having with others after my concerts.

Praise Jesus Christ who is able to multiply our meager five loaves and two fish!

We count, brothers and sisters, on your prayers. We can see the attacks of the enemy on us financially, as well as on the family unit.  But we are moving forward, so long as God wills it. I continue to work at night on the Divine Mercy Chaplet in a feverish race to have it completed for Divine Mercy Sunday.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Today, a man pulled up beside us and pointed out that the ball on our trailer hitch was nearly unscrewed—a potential disaster. Sure enough, the threads had stripped, and the nut holding the ball on was nearly off. I was in the parking lot of a hardware store, and managed to buy a new hitch and ball assembly.

The kids wondered if he was angel… but I thought to myself, “It’s because of those who are praying for us.”

In gratitude, may you receive the abundant blessings of Christ Jesus.

What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? (Mark 8:36)

For as I see it, God has exhibited us apostles as the last of all, like people sentenced to death, since we have become a spectacle to the world, to angels and human beings alike. We are fools on Christ’s account. (1 Cor 4:9-10)



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