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Hello, all!

Writing to you from Tallahassee, Florida after tonight’s concert here. Mark & I and our little brood are now halfway through our US/Canada Lenten Tour, and faring very well, considering the rough start we had! I think Mark gave you just a few of the "highlights" off the top of the tour… the long list of mishaps would be really quite unbelievable, had I not been there too to vouch for it all having actually happened! Suffice it to say, the highlight so far has NOT been the flushing pedal stuck on the bus’s toilet sending gallons of unthinkably nasty stuff for a mad dash to the driver’s seat! (we survived, thanks to a serious bottle of heavy-duty disinfectant.) Rather, we have been blessed to see many hearts powerfully moved during the concerts, and have ourselves been blessed by tremendous hospitality.


Amidst all the challenges and joys of traveling for two months with 7 kids, duty calls… and as the chief cook and bottle washer (ie. Mark’s manager), I continue to plan ahead for upcoming events. We have a number of confirmed bookings that are calling us back into the U.S. for another road tour in June & July, this time along the upper mid-U.S. to the east coast, as well as lower Canada. Some of the states and provinces that we will be going through are:

1) Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Ontario/Quebec, Canada
2) North Dakota
3) Wisconsin
4) Michigan
5) Ohio
6) New York state
7) New Hampshire
8 ) Vermont
9) Connecticut
10) Pennsylvania

I still have a few openings on the tour that need to be filled, but rather than spend a small fortune on the cellphone calling around, I thought I’d save the diaper money and connect via email with those who we know are supporters of this ministry. If you think your parish might be interested in hosting a powerful evening of music and message, please let me know, and if it works into the tour schedule & route, I will help you make it happen!

Please visit https://www.markmallett.com/BookaChurchConcert.html to find out about what’s involved in hosting Mark in your parish.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of our little apostolate. We are so grateful for the prayer covering, it is so very needed!


Lea Mallett


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