China Rising


ONCE again, I hear a warning in my heart regarding China and the West. I have felt compelled to watch this nation carefully for two years now. We have seen it plagued with one natural disaster after another and one man-made disaster after the next (while its army continues to build.) The result has been the displacement of tens of millions of people—and that was before this month’s earthquake.

Now, dozens of China’s dams are on the verge of bursting. The warning I hear is this:

Your land will be given to another’s if there is not repentance for the sin of abortion.  

An American mystic, who was dead for many hours and then called to life again by our Mother into a powerful ministry, recounted to me personally a vision in which he saw “boatloads of Asian people” coming to American shores.

Our Lady of All Nations, in an alleged apparition to Ida Peerdeman said,

I will set my foot down in the midst of the world and show you: that is America, ” and then, [Our Lady] immediately points to another part, saying, “Manchuria—there will be tremendous insurrections.” I see Chinese marching, and a line which they are crossing. —Twenty Fifth Apparition, 10th December, 1950; The Messages of The Lady of All Nations, pg. 35. (Devotion to Our Lady of All Nations has been ecclesiastically approved.)

I repeat again the warning which I brought to Canada’s capital two years ago. If we continue to ignore the daily murder of our unborn in Canadian hospitals and abortuaries, and destroy the sanctity of marriage, the freedom we enjoy will  abruptly come to an end. (As I write this, Pro-Life billboards are being ruled objectionable by Advertising Standards Canada, and the Canadian Federation of Students voted to support a ban of Pro-Life groups on university campuses.) How can we expect God’s protection when we ignore His laws and especially ignore this time of grace to repent? How can we claim innocence when 3D ultrasounds show us distinctly the person in the womb? When science finds that at 11 weeks or earlier, unborn babies feel the pain of an abortion?  When we are fighting to save premature babies on one wing of the hospital, and killing the same-aged child on another? It is brutal! It is hypocritical! It is unbelievable! And its consequences may soon be irreversible.

Suddenly there shall come upon you ruin which you will not expect. (Isa 47:11)

Health care and the economy are not the issues of most importance, dear politicians, but the shedding of innocent blood in our neighbourhoods, the holocaust in our hospitals—blood which is also our future!

If the messages I send you these days seem severe, it must be because we are drawing very close to decisive days. Let us not fail to pray for our countries, to pray for conversions, to pray for our leaders and those who interpret the law, and beg God for His Mercy which is ready to pour out like an ocean.

We need to pray also for the Chinese people, especially the many Christians who suffer there. (Communist Party of China officials admit (unofficially) that there may be as many as 80 to 100 million Christians in China, the vast majority of these in underground churches….nearly 10% of their population.) Perhaps this terribly difficult time will also be an opportunity for the Gospel to bring hope to the hurting and conversion to leaders. 

Look over the nations and see, and be utterly amazed! For a work is being done in your days that you would not have believed, were it told. For see, I am raising up Chaldea, that bitter and unruly people, that marches the breadth of the land to take dwellings not his own. Terrible and dreadful is he, from himself derive his law and his majesty. Swifter than leopards are his horses, and keener than wolves at evening. His horses prance, his horsemen come from afar: they fly like the eagle hastening to devour;  each comes for the rapine, their combined onset is that of a stormwind that heaps up captives like sand. (Habakkuk 1:5)

The fruit of abortion is nuclear war. —attributed to St. Teresa of Calcutta





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