IT is clear that many are having powerful experiences during the Encounter With Jesus events we are giving on our tour through the United States.

Here is one such testimony from someone who was "drawn" to an Ohio event this week:


I was so overwhelmed last night… I could hardly speak. Let me tell you why.

Yesterday morning I was at work, like always. Doing the same routine things. But I felt an incredibly strong call by the Lord to go to pray in the church. As the morning went on I began to actually hear an audible voice.

Come. Come to meet me in the Blessed Sacrament.

So when my lunch hour came I went to the church to pray. And when I knelt, the Lord again spoke to me.


And instantly, images came flooding into my mind. An image of you and Lea, a monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament exposed, and red and white light flowing from it… a blue car driving through a storm… and He said once more:

Come. My daughter of Mercy, come and do not be afraid.

So I went back to work and looked at your website, since I hadn’t been online in a while. And the first writing I saw was “The Last Hope of Salvation” which was talking about Divine Mercy Sunday… and it made me think of the monstrance I had “seen” with the red and white light flowing from it. Then as I scrolled down I saw your writing “The Perfect Storm” and the first few words: "Mark and his family have entered the United States…. View his Ministry Schedule" And I thought to myself “There’s no way he’ll be coming near me…” But I clicked on it and I saw April 1st–Ohio…. And I laughed out loud. God has an incredible sense of humor.

It was a four hour drive from home, but it was the closest you were coming to where I live… So I started making excuses. I couldn’t take the rest of the day off. Too much to do. What would my children do if I wasn’t home? And I had no car. Mine was in the shop getting fixed.

And no kidding—in the next two minutes—My boss said to me, “When are you ever going to use your vacation time?” My husband called and said “How would you like to have some time alone tonight… I’ll watch the kids,” And my repairman dropped off a rental car, mine was going to take extra time. Guess what color the car was? Yep, blue. The signs couldn’t be more obvious than if they were neon and flashing! I knew I was supposed to go to Wintersville.

So I went. On the four hour drive to Wintersville, I met up with the "opposition." Wind, rain storms, negative thoughts, and an overwhelming fear… And right before I arrived, the sun broke through the clouds for just a moment, and the Lord impressed on my heart:

Tell him to prepare for the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit…

I wanted to tell you all the amazing things that brought me there, and who I was, and message the Lord wanted me to give you… But then I encountered Jesus. I have never had such a powerful experience of God’s presence. And it left me breathless. Nothing else mattered. I saw Jesus.

Did you see Him too?


In a second letter, she responded to my question about what she saw that evening:


The moment I walked in the door last night, I felt electricity running through my body… I had never felt that before, but I knew it was God.
It continued through your singing and preaching… until you said "Be not afraid" in our dear Holy Father’s voice. Then the feeling of electricity ended… and I felt instead like a vessel being filled up with water. A wineskin with new wine. And I felt full instead of empty. Overflowing instead of a well that has run dry. And peace… such peace.

And then during Adoration… Jesus. When you invited us to kneel in front of Him, I wanted to run and fall at His feet. But I could barely walk and when I knelt, there was such a heavy pressure, like a hand on my head, and it held me there. And I could only look at Him. And as I looked at the Blessed Sacrament, suddenly, there was Jesus standing behind the altar. He stood there with both arms raised, and the center of the monstrance, the Blessed Sacrament, was in front of Him, where His heart would be. The red and blue lights that were behind Him seemed to come through Him, and through His heart… and they touched everyone… and He was looking right into my eyes. And then He blessed us, and smiled like a father smiles at His little child when He sees him doing something kind and loving…. like pride and love and longing all mixed together. And then He was gone, faded into shadow.

I will never be the same.


Mark and his wife Lea and their seven children (with one now on the way!) are heading to Louisiana for the next Encounter With Jesus. You can check their calendar here.

Also, if you have not heard it yet, you can listen to samples of Mark’s Divine Mercy Chaplet led by Fr. Don Calloway at www.markmallett.com. The Chaplet is a powerful way to intercede for your loved ones who have left the faith, and to draw an "ocean of graces" upon your own soul. The Chaplet is also available for your iPod from iTunes. You can hear samples of all Mark’s music at www.markmallett.com.

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