Episode 4 – The Big Picture (Part II)

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IS there an "era of peace" coming?

In Episode 4 of Embracing Hope, a summary of my writings as to where we are and where we’re going in light of what the popes, the early Church Fathers, and Our Lady of Fatima have said. We are facing The Final Confrontation. How does it end? Watch Episode 4 now for a powerful and succinct message on the times we live in and the times that appear to be coming.

You can view this and previous webcasts at: www.embracinghope.tv.



It was confirmed last week that my family and ministry will be moving to another location in Canada.

This means we will be vacating the present webcast studio used by our ministry and will be renovating a new space next month. I will be taking time off to make this transition and prepare the studio to resume broadcasting later this summer.

The first four shows of Embracing Hope form the foundation of my writings and future webcasts. They gather the main thoughts of hundreds of writings pertaining to the times we live in, and as such, provide a valuable tool to help you and your family understand what Heaven has said through the Church Fathers and popes, and what Heaven is saying to us now.

For those who have subscribed and those who will subscribe, your account will be credited for the weeks in which there is no programming.

Please pray for me that this time of change for my family will also be a time of refreshment and renewal. The past two months have been some of the most intense spiritual battles I’ve experienced in ministry, and so, know that your prayers and the many letters of encouragement I’ve received are sustaining me. We have become spiritual companions on a seemingly epic journey. There are great battles to be won. Great changes and revolutions lay before us. In all these things, with Christ, we are conquerors. We are tired, but Christ will renew us. Blessed be Jesus!



For those on the West Coast, I will be singing and speaking at an outdoor conference this weekend:

Day of Prayer at the Farm
Saturday, June 27th, 9am to 9pm  
Escure Farms
532 Rd. U SW
Quincy, WA, USA

I pray I will see some of you there!

I will continue to write to you as the Spirit leads. In communion of prayer…