Harmless Harry?



FROM a reader:

While I enjoy your writings, you need to get a life with regard to Harry Potter. It’s called fantasy for a reason.

And from another reader on this “harmless fantasy”:

Thank you so much for speaking out on this issue.  I was one who found the books and movies to be “harmless”… until I went with my teenage son to see the latest movie this summer.

Two days after the movie I was overwhelmed with a very strong desire to learn witchcraft, spells, etc.  I went immediately to the mall bookstore to find books on this subject, and I also looked at Ouija boards, Tarot Cards, etc. Only by the grace of God did I walk out of that store with nothing.  I wish I could describe how strong a pull this was for me… and it still has a bit of hold on me.  There is a “psychic” in our town and now it takes everything in me to drive by her shop without stopping… and before, I never gave her a second thought.

Thank you for reaching out in truth on this subject.

The above testimony is not, nor necessarily will be the experience of many Harry Potter readers. But it stands as a warning of what many Potter critics are saying:  Harry Potter is a captivating introduction to the occult. 

Are you struggling with a curiosity in witchcraft, horoscopes, dark video games and other forms of occultist darkness? I want to direct you to a powerful writing from a successor of the Apostles. I have re-posted it on my website here titled: A Catholic Guide to The Occult.

Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the last times some will turn away from the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demonic instructions… (1 Tim 4:1) 


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