I Thought I was a Christian…



thought I was a Christian, till He revealed myself to me

I protested and cried, “Lord, it cannot be.”

“Be not afraid, My child, it is necessary to see,

that to be My disciple, the truth must set you free.”


Burning tears descended, as shame rose in my heart

I realized my deception, the blindness on my part

So rising from true ashes, I made a brand-new start

On the pathway of humility, I began to chart.


Standing ahead, I saw, a barren wooden cross

No one hung upon it, and I was at a loss

“Be not afraid, My child, at what it’s going to cost

To find the peace you long for, you must embrace your cross.”


Into darkness, I entered, leaving myself behind

For only when you seek Him, will you truly find

Nails and thorns, they pierced me, as I transformed my mind

So that appetites that bound me, began now to unwind. 


I thought I was a Christian, till He revealed to me

The one who is His follower hangs also on the Tree

“Be not afraid, My child, trust what you cannot see,

For the grain of wheat that dies, will rise in eternity.”


—Mark Mallett



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