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BROTHERS and sisters, things are beginning to move very fast in the world with events, one on top of the other… like the winds of a hurricane nearest the eye of the Storm. [1]cf. The Seven Seals of Revolution This is what the Lord showed me would happen several years ago. But who of us can prepare for these things outside of God’s grace?

As such, I have been inundated with emails, texts, phone calls…. and I can’t keep up. Furthermore, I sense the Lord is calling me to more prayer and listening. I feel I am not keeping up with what He wants me to say! Something has to give…

As of today, I am going to shift my focus to answering the questions and concerns that are being raised, it seems, by the hour—starting with the Synod. But there are other things I have to say… things that have been several years in the coming, and it’s time.

There is a lot of fear out there… fear of the Pope; fear of Ebola; fear of war; fear of economic collapse; of empty stores shelves; of terrorism… of so many things.

Last night, a friend texted me regarding a possible Ebola outbreak in a major Canadian city (not yet in the news). He said he and his wife are praying about fleeing their home. I was standing in a store while he was texting me, punching the credit card pin pad that hundreds of others had held during the day. And I thought… who knows? The virus could already be here. We just don’t know it yet.

With these and other heavy thoughts on my heart, I listened as “The Bird Dance” suddenly began to play on the loudspeaker above us. I was standing there with four or five other people, so I looked at them and said, “Come on everyone!” All of sudden we were all laughing, doing that ridiculous bird dance in the middle of Walmart.

Dear friends, that’s how we’re going to get through the days and hours ahead: through a spirit of joy and trust in Our Lord. If I contract Ebola tomorrow, I will look toward Heaven and say, “Jesus, I’m coming home! Make me ready to see you face to Face.”

Yes, the “bird dance” is going to get us through the apocalypse. That, and Psalm 91. Pray it with your family. Recall it often. God is our refuge. And He gave us His Mother to bring us safely to Him.

So today’s daily Now Word on the Mass readings is the last in that format for now, until I can catch up on the other things I need to write. And I will do so frequently. Funny… last week, I sensed the Lord saying that I needed to start writing “special reports.” When I went online to do my daily news run, I stopped by Spirit Daily. Michael Brown announced that morning that he was going to start writing “special reports.” It’s my guess that the other “watchmen” in our times are all feeling the same as me—that our time to speak is short. Truly, I don’t know how much longer I will be able to write to you like this. So one day at a time.

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Please remember to pray for me, as I do each day for all of you.



P.S. In January of 2012, a question rose up in my heart during prayer that did not seem to be my own:

How much longer, Father, until your right hand falls upon the earth?

And the answer, that I promptly shared with my spiritual director, was this:

My child, when My hand falls, the world will never be the same. Old orders will pass away. Even the Church, as she has developed over 2000 years, will be radically different. All will be purified.

When the stone is recovered from the mine, it looks rough and without brilliance. But when the gold is cleansed, refined, and purified, it becomes a brilliant gem. That is how drastically different My Church will be in the Era to come.

And so, child, do not cling to the dross of this era, for it will be blown away like chaff in the wind. In a day, the futile treasures of men will be reduced to a heap and that which men adore will be exposed for what it is—a charlatan god and an empty idol.

How soon child? Soon, as in your time. But it is not for you to know, rather, for you to pray and intercede for the repentance of souls. Time is so short, that Heaven has already drawn in its breath before Divine Justice exhales the Great Storm that will ultimately purify the world of all wickedness and usher in My Presence, My rule, My justice, My goodness, My peace, My love, My Divine Will. Woe to those who ignore the signs of the times and do not prepare their souls to meet their Maker. For I will show that men are mere dust and their glory is fading as the green of the fields. But My glory, My Name, My divinity, is everlasting, and all will come to adore My Great Mercy.

—from The Storm at Hand



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