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STARTING this evening with a concert, I am presenting several ministry events in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area this weekend. We continue to see powerful experiences occurring before the Blessed Sacrament at the Encounters With Jesus. You can check upcoming events on our schedule here. We will be in South Dakota next week as we begin our swing back to Canada.



Once again, we are experiencing several serious breakdowns on this tour—sometimes literally having to patch the motorhome so we can get to our next destination (our "tour bus" is getting tired). We are nearly up to $6000 in repairs to this point. By God’s grace, we are breaking down during days off so that the repairs can get done. Getting to our next destination is our concern… God will have to take care of the costs.

Yesterday, I was going to press on with a mechanical issue with the brakes and a wheel, but felt agitated about it, and decided to stop for a repair. As it turns out, the oil filter was loose—and losing oil fast! Had we kept going, the mechanic informed me, we could have lost the filter and all of our oil, destroying the engine. We are surrendering more and more to God, trusting that even if we completely breakdown, it is also His will. Remember, St. Paul was shipwrecked!

We are still in good spirits, despite the tense week it has been. Lea is feeling tired and nauseous with our eighth pregnancy, but is her usual sweet self. The kids were thrilled to get a chance to swim at the pool in the hotel last night as our bus sat in the shop.



We have noticed, just like the last tour, that strong winds have followed us the entire 6000 mile journey thus far. On our days off, the winds die down… but start right up again as we head to our next destination. We like to think it is a sign of Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit accompanying us, filling the sails of all our hearts. Once again, the words "winds of change" come to mind….

We are excited to get to St. Louis so that Jesus can continue to heal and renew His little flock. Pray for us, as you remain in our prayers. Time to hit the road!


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