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AS I wrote you earlier this month, I have been deeply moved by the many letters I’ve received of Christians all over the world who support and want this ministry to continue. I’ve dialogued further with Lea and my spiritual director, and we’ve made some decisions on how to proceed.

For years, I have been travelling quite extensively, most especially into the United States. But we have noticed how crowd sizes have dwindled and apathy toward Church events has increased. Not only that, but a single parish mission in the U.S. is minimum a 3-4 day journey. And yet, with my writings here and webcasts, I have been reaching thousands of people at a time. It only makes sense, then, that I use my time efficiently and wisely, spending it where it is most profitable for souls.

My spiritual director also said that, one of the fruits to look for as a “sign” that I am walking in God’s will is that my ministry—which has been full-time now for 13 years—is providing for my family. Increasingly, we are seeing that with the small crowds and indifference, it has been more and more difficult to justify the costs of being on the road. On the other hand, everything I do online is free of charge, as it should be. I have received without cost, and so I want to give without cost. Anything for sale are those items that we have invested production costs into, such as my book and CD’s. They too help provide in part for this ministry and my family.

The truth is, I could have written dozens of books by now—that’s how much time devoted and material there is on this website. But I did not want to hold the Word of God hostage to only those who could afford a book. At one time, we charged a subcriber fee to my webcasts, but when technology enabled us to provide webcasts over ten mintues long at no cost, we made them all freely available to the general public. And so I will continue this way, writing and broadcasting at no charge to you. It is my joy! The plan, then, is to begin writing more frequently again and create more webcasts beginning later this summer.

But our ministry is not without expenses, from paying staff salary, to web hosting costs, to supplies, to keeping up with technology, etc. And I need to feed my family. That is, I need those who can to get behind this ministry with a firm commitment.

I am moved by those who have recently sent donations that clearly were a “widow’s mite.” When we receive, for example, a donation for $8.70, you know that someone has scraped the bottom of the barrel. On the other hand, I have presented my ministry specifically to some of North America’s wealthiest Catholics, and have received little to no support. Perhaps, then, it was an inspiration from God when my friend and author, known by many of you here as “Pelianito,” wrote this week saying:

One word that came to mind at prayer this morning was “crowdsourcing”. If 1000 people pledged to give you a minimum of $10 per month, a few of your problems would be solved. I would like to offer to conduct a campaign to your readers and mine with the target of having 1000 people pledge a minimum of $10 per month. What do you think?

I think it makes a lot of sense, since most people today are really struggling to donate. If we were to get a thousand people each tithing $10/month, that would cover our expenses, and leave a little bit more to do things we simply haven’t been able to afford in the past, such as advertise or upgrade old equipment, as well as have a bit of a fund for unexpected costs. Those who are able to tithe more will make up for those who cannot donate at all.

Readers here know that I do not make appeals very often. We’re not about building a business, but building hearts. But this is 2013, and I can no longer “hope” that enough people will be moved to donate. If this ministry is as valuable as both priests and lay people alike have been telling us, then I need your support to continue this apostolate.

I believe we are now entering into the most trying times that mankind has ever faced. If Jesus wants me to be His voice in these times, then He has my “yes.” But He needs your “yes” too, to be my silent partner in prayer and support that allows Lea and I to focus on reaching you. Otherwise, we simply do not see how we can continue this ministry.

Lastly, I have to tell you in truth, this is scary for me. Our bills are not small, and yet, to focus almost solely on an online presence means living completely on divine providence. My spiritual director is telling me to trust.. And I’m asking you to walk together with me, for as long as we can, before we are not as free to use the web as we are now.

Thank you all for your support. For those of you who are in dire straits, I beg you not to strain your financial situation further. But you can give the gift of your prayer that I intensely need in these days of trial. And I always pray for you.

May God have His way with us, so that He may have His way in the world!

We have a new Donation page that makes it easy for you to donate monthly if you wish using PayPal or Credit Card. You also have the option to choose to give post-dated cheques if you so choose.


(Please note, Spiritual Food for Thought, Embracing Hope, and Mark Mallett do not fall under the Charitable organization status, and therefore, charitable tax receipts are not issued for donations. Thank you!)

Mark, with his wife Lea and their 8 children


Bring the whole tithe
into the storehouse,
That there may be food in my house.
Put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts,
And see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you,
and pour down upon you blessing without measure. (Mal 3:10)

…store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. (Matt 6:20)



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