WELL, I figured it would happen sooner or later. My computer died. After three years of faithful service to this blog, my computer has gone to micro-chip heaven (though purgatory is not out of the question.)

In fact, I was in the middle of writing a series to answer a reader’s question on what exactly is coming in the world. One of those things is that the Church is going to be stripped of many things she relies on. I just didn’t think quite yet! Seriously, I’ve borrowed a computer for a moment to write you this message. However, my research and files are "stuck" on a backup drive until I buy a replacement computer (my logic board and video card are "toast"). The other thing I am preparing to write you about concerns a certain Woman whose heel is known for crushing a certain serpent. Hence, we’ve noticed a ridiculous number of things "breaking" around here the past month or so. Perhaps it’s just coincidence.

And so, once again, I must beg from my readers. If there is someone who might be able to help me purchase a new computer so that I can continue writing you, I would be deeply grateful. I need a laptop (Mac brand) so that I can also work on the road. The total cost with taxes will be $2600.

The other side of the coin is… I get to live in a fantasy world for a few days. I admit I have daydreams of backing over my computer or tossing it out of a high-rise window. Is it just me, or do you long for simplicity too?

Thank you in advance to whomever can help out. I know these are tough times, but as usual, our entire ministry and livelihood are dependent on God’s providence. But He’s always provided what we need, so often through your generosity. Bless you, and bless the Lord!


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