Pachamama, the New Age, Francis…


AFTER spending several days reflecting and begging God for Divine Wisdom, I am sitting down to write about Pope Francis and The Great Reset. In the meantime, I have sent you two writings that I published in 2019 that serve as a prologue: The Popes and the New World Order.

This triggered a number of letters from people asking: What about Pachamama? What about the New Age? What about the path Francis is taking us? As promised, I’m going to answer that in light of current events in the article I’m presently writing. But I have already addressed in great depth several of these subjects. Part of the challenge of this ministry that is admittedly frustrating is that some folks make assumptions (and accusations) because they haven’t used my search engine (that will provide them these answers quickly). But for your quick reference:

  • On the Pachamama events, I covered the story here: On Those Idols.
  • On why it was a great scandal and, I believe, a provocation of divine justice: Putting the Branch to God’s Nose.
  • This stoked a fire in my heart on the necessity to spread and defend the honor and name of Jesus, the primary “mission” of the Church: Defending Jesus Christ.
  • I then traced the New Age from the time of Adam to the present hour, and how a “new paganism” is rising in the world, is being promoted through the United Nations, how Pachamama is but a symptom, how the antichurch is rising, and how all of this is setting the stage for an antichrist: The New Paganism.

People also asked why the Pope hasn’t preached on this or that subject when, in fact, he has. It’s a matter of justice to point that out. I have compiled a small directory of what Francis has said on everything from the Mass, to abortion, homosexuality, Mary, Scripture, women’s ordination, Hell, etc. I also update it from time to time though it is by no means exhaustive. See: Pope Francis On…

The above is a mere fraction of what I have written on the controversies of this pontificate to help readers navigate through a sea of misinformation, myopic journalism, and true missteps and confusion that have emerged from the Vatican. During all this time, the message from Our Lady around the world has been steady and consistent: pray for the Pope and the Church and remain firm with the true magisterium.

Finally, some insist that Francis is not the Pope at all—Benedict is, they say. A special writing for them: Barquing Up the Wrong Tree

There is no question that Pope Francis has troubled a great number of faithful Catholics. With love and respect, we can address these things so that we remain firmly grounded in Christ and that unity which He shed His blood for (Jn 17:22). But it takes work; it takes magnanimity and charity. Unfortunately, that is in short supply in these days of intense division.

I pray for you all each day. Please, remember me that I may faithfully run my course to the end.


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