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JESUS said, “The wind blows where it wills… so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” That seemed to be the case in His own ministry when He would plan to do one thing, but the crowds would determine a different path. Likewise, St. Paul would often set sail for a destination but be thwarted by bad weather, persecution or the Spirit.

I have found this ministry to be no different over the years. Often when I say, “This is what I shall do…”, the Lord has other plans. Such is the case again. I sense the Lord wanting me to focus right now on some very important writings—some “words” that have been brewing for over two years. Without an elongated and unnecessary explanation, I don’t think many people understand that this is not my blog. I have so many things I would like to say, but there is a clear agenda that is not my own, an organic unfolding of “word.” Spiritual direction in this regard has been invaluable in helping me to step aside (as much as possible!) to let the Lord have His way. I hope that is happening for His sake and yours.

The Now Word has been an effective instrument from the numerous comments I have received, most especially from priests. In fact, it might surprise readers to know that some of the biggest financial supporters of this ministry are priests! (But their monetary gifts pale in comparison to their encouragement and prayers. I pray for them daily, and beg you to do so also.) However, at this time, in order to meet the demands of these other important words, as well as take care of my family obligations, I am going to continue to pray and meditate upon the daily Mass readings, but only provide the “Now Word” summary of the week’s readings at the end of the week. The farm work this time of year is piling up on me (my wife, Lea, and I live on a small farm where we grow our own food, milk a cow, raise chickens, and a brood of children). So I have to make some choices. This will free up the necessary time that I need, while still enabling me to comment on the readings, which I think you’ll agree, are speaking powerfully to us at this time in the world. So, for the time being, it will now be the “weekly Now Word.”

I know some of you have really drawn inspiration from my webcasts and want them to continue. Not a week goes by that I don’t pray about them and what God may want. In fact, at this time, the door may be opening for an international television presence. I won’t say much more, but ask you to pray that God only opens doors that He wishes me to go through, and shuts the rest. Again, I want to go where the Wind is blowing. And that means, and has meant, that the nature of this ministry is fluid.

Now, may I speak from the heart? In fact, this is one of those moments where I feel I have the Lord’s permission to use His space…

I did not wake up one day and say, “Hm, today would be a great day to wreck my reputation.” I know that my writings over the years have brought clarity, hope, and strength to many, many souls. I have received thousands of letters by now in this regard. But these writings have also angered, embarrassed, and pushed away others, most especially friends and relatives. These writings have isolated me from parts of the body of Christ, ruined my “music career”, and placed a stigma on me. These writings have a cost. We all have our crosses. But what I do here is not what I would call a choice so much as an interior calling.

In fact, I have wanted to run countless times. I have often said, “Lord, why don’t you have a single man, a priest saying these things?” But then it comes… His word… and it sits in my soul and grows, and burns, and stirs, and like Jeremiah, I have to write it, speak it, procaim it so that His word does not consume me. I cannot say “no” to Him who said “yes” to me on the Cross. Without God, I am dust. To whom shall I go? He has the words of eternal life. This life is short, this world passing. The pleasures of this earthly plane are as fading as the evening light. My eyes are set on Heaven, and were it not for my wife and children and you, this little flock that Jesus asks me to feed with “spiritual food”, I would ask Him to take me Home.

I understand that these writings are difficult and challenging. I get that, I do. I’m a daddy. I have eight beautiful children and my dear Lea. I want to raise them in a world where they have the freedom to believe in Jesus, to pray, to grow in innocence, security, and hope. I am sure the parents in France or Poland felt the same way when they learned that Hitler was marching on them. They were forced to either deny reality or face it. You, dear reader—whether you are an atheist, Protestant, or a Catholic—you have to face what is being written here. Why? Because what I have spent eight years writing is now exploding in the headlines at an exponential rate. So you make your choice; I’ve made mine. As a priest friend of mine used to say to his congregation, “I’m responsible for what I’ve said. You’re responsible for what you’ve heard.”

As for the orthodoxy of these writings, I have done everything I can to reinforce every prophetic word, apparition, prognosis, etc. with the voice of the Magisterium, Scripture, and Sacred Tradition. That is, one may object to what I write; but when the authoritative voice of the Church is saying the same thing, you must reflect hard on who and what you are objecting to. I have more to say in this regard, especially regarding Our Blessed Mother, through whom Jesus Christ came into the world 2000 years ago, and through whom He is coming again.

And He is coming. Not the final coming in glory; not the end of the world; but He is coming to bring to an end the sorrows, sin, and divisions of this past century. Our Lady is preparing us for the reign of Jesus in our hearts in a new way. And as these things unfold (and it could take years, even decades), I feel her nearness and desire for me to co-operate in a new way. How can I refuse her who did not refuse us either?

Thank you for your understanding, your prayers, your much needed financial support, and above all your faithfulness to Jesus… in a world that continues to wound, reject, and blaspheme the One who loved them unto death. Also, thank you for your prayers regarding my health, namely, an issue with balance. MRI results came back showing no signs of a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis, etc.

In closing, I want to share with you a prophetic word from the Blessed Mother that I received in prayer seven years ago, long before I had ever heard of the “Flame of Love” that I have been writing about lately. I had forgotten about this until a reader brought it to my attention this week. Once again, I share it in the spirit of discernment that must accompany all such words as we seek to better live and love Our Lord in the present moment. For my part, this is the Now Word today…

Can you not see? Can you not hear? Can you not tell the signs of the times? Why then do you spend your days in dissipation, chasing phantoms, and polishing your idols? Can you not perceive that this present age is passing, and all that is temporal will be tested by fire? Oh, that you would indeed be set aflame with the fire of my Immaculate Heart consumed by the living flame of love, burning infinitely and endlessly in the breast of my Son. Draw near to
this flame while there is still time. I do not say that you have much time left. But I do say that you should be wise with what you have been given. The last luminous clouds of truth are about to vanish, and the earth as you know it will be plunged into great darkness, the darkness of its own sin. Race, then. Race to my Immaculate Heart. For while there is still time, I will receive you like a mother hen gathering her chicks beneath her wings. I have wept, and prayed, and interceded for these last moments for you! Oh, my grief… my grief for those who have not taken advantage of this gift from Heaven!

Pray for souls. Pray for the lost sheep. Pray for those who are in danger of losing their souls, for they are many. Never discount the mysterious and ineffable Mercy of my Son. But waste no more time, for time now is merely an illusion. first published in “Time is Very Short”, September 1st, 2007





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