Sowing Seeds


FOR the first time in my life, I seeded a pasture this past weekend. Once again, I experienced in my soul the tremendous dance of the creature with His Creator to the rhythm of creation. It is an incredible thing to co-operate with God to foster new life. All the lessons of the Gospels came pouring back to me… about the seed falling into weeds, rocky, or good soil. As we we wait patiently for rain to water our parched fields, even St. Iraenaeus had something to say yesterday on the feast of Pentecost:

… like parched ground, which yields no harvest unless it receives moisture, we who were once like a waterless tree could never have lived and borne fruit without this abundant rainfall from above [the Holy Spirit]. —Liturgy of the Hours, Vol II, p. 1026

It has not only been my fields, but my heart that has been dry these past few weeks. Prayer has been difficult, temptations have been relentless, and at times, I have even doubted my calling. And then the rains came—your letters. To be honest, they often move me to tears, because when I write to you or produce a webcast, I remain behind a veil of poverty; I don’t know what God is doing, if anything… and then letters such as these come along:

Thank you so much for this article, When God is Stopped. I go to confession every 4-5 weeks or so , but sometimes after having stayed away much longer, I begin to doubt God’s Mercy for me… This has strenghtened my faith in his Mercy considerably… I know that it is God’s Grace that picks me up again and draws me back to Him. —B.D.

Thank God that His Holy Spirit has enlightened and empowered you to convey the Truth to us. I believe that the Lord has anointed you with a special mission in these "end times" to save souls. The most important job in the world is to save souls. I thank God for your obedience and courage. Please continue to fight the good fight. —S.D.

There are few prophetic voices such as yours available to us these days. What is happening now is referred to in St. Louis de Montfort’s "True Devotion", and other writings. Some of us have been given "spiritual eyes" for these times while most are completely oblivious to spiritual happenings. Don’t become discouraged! —S.W.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so willing to let God use you for this purpose! We pray that God will continue to pour out His grace upon you and the family and sustain you through it all. To us , your writings are so full of HOPE and give us great consolation in this valley of tears! We praise God for the way He has used you and others to shake us from our sleep. So often it seems that just when we are ‘nodding off’ again, here comes a new writing. Just what we need to hear. —J.T.

There are hundreds and hundreds of letters like these, and some of them quite dramatic. This ministry has apparently not only been teaching souls, but through it, Christ has been saving souls. I cannot express in words what that means to me… what it means to co-operate with God in fostering new life. And so long as God permits me, I will continue to spread the seeds of His Word wherever and whenever I can. I pray for each of you daily that your hearts will be "good soil" to receive all that He has to give you through this apostolate and through all the various ways in which He tends to your soul.

Before the summer comes and many of you take your vacations and go your separate ways, I need to ask once more, for those of you who are able, to consider supporting this ministry financially. We depend entirely now upon donations and the sale of my CDs and book to continue this ministry and provide for my eight children. The research into my writings, webcasts, and pre-production of my next music CD all take a lot of time that does not produce any immediate financial fruits, other than your support. These are tough times, and ministries like mine really feel it when the economy dips. Our support and sales have dwindled to a trickle such that we are not even close to making ends meet each month. And yet, the Gospel is more urgently needed than ever; the spiritual poverty in our world is only deepening; and our families need the healing power of Jesus more than ever.

If this ministry has touched your soul, pray about supporting us in any way you can. And as you do, I have no doubt that the "seeds" you sow will come back to you a hundredfold through God’s blessings.

Thank you so much for your letters, prayers, and support. And remember, you are loved.

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together,shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you. (Luke 6:38)


Thanks so much for your support!

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