The Great Numbering

Prisoner Tattoo of a Holocaust Survivor


First published January 3rd, 2007:


In The Great Meshing, I spoke of the interior vision I had of the political, economical, and social machines coming together like a mesh of gears to create one Great Machine called Totalitarianism.

In order for this to take place, each individual must be accounted for. One loose bolt in a machine can destroy the whole mechanism (recall Pope John Paul II and his role in the fall of the Iron Curtain). Each person must be organized and integrated, bound and conformed in the New World Order.

From Pope Benedict:

The Apocalypse speaks about God’s antagonist, the beast. This animal does not have a name, but a number.

In [the horror of the concentration camps], they cancel faces and history, transforming man into a number, reducing him to a cog in an enormous machine. Man is no more than a function.

In our days, we should not forget that they prefigured the destiny of a world that runs the risk of adopting the same structure of the concentration camps, if the universal law of the machine is accepted. The machines that have been constructed impose the same law.According to this logic, man must be interpreted by a computer and this is only possible if translated into numbers.

The beast is a number and transforms into numbers. God, however, has a name and calls by name. He is a person and looks for the person.  —Cardinal Ratzinger, (POPE BENEDICT XVI) Palermo, March 15th, 2000 (italics added)

“Man must be interpreted by a computer and this is only possible if translated into numbers.” There just so happens to be technology of this sort existing in the form of a small microchip which can be inserted under the skin. (Read a fascinating account in the Toronto Star of how this could come about.)

There is nothing mystical or prophetic about that which is clearly seen… by those with eyes to see.


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