The Wind Storm

A different kind of storm blew in upon our ministry and family last month. We suddenly received a letter from a wind energy company that has plans to install massive industrial wind turbines in our rural residential area. The news was stunning, because I had already been studying the adverse effects of “wind farms” on human and animal health. And the research is horrifying. Essentially, many people have been forced to leave their homes and lose everything due to adverse health effects and the absolute demise of property values.

As such, I have had to rally my community to fight against this incredibly invasive technology, which is anything but “green” and “clean.” The cost of these towers, which will reach a fifth of a kilometre into the sky, the destruction to the land, the unreliability of wind power, the long-term effects upon human and animal health… it is really a veritable war upon creation that has come to our doorstep in the name of “saving the planet.” It’s not. It’s about destroying the current infrastructure of traditional and reliable energy sources, and force the entire globe into a state of energy and resource poverty. The ideology behind “climate change” was birthed in hell. It is nothing short of Communism in a “green hat.”[1]cf. The Second Act

And so, about 6 weeks ago, I launched a new website called Wind Concerns. I have piled hundreds of hours of research into it already. I have organized two public meetings, and the community has given huge support as we band together to put this to an end. It’s a big battle — David vs. Goliath.

The point of all this to explain why I have been somewhat absent. I don’t think I need to convince you what an upheaval it would be to this ministry and my family to be forced from our homes. But it’s happening all over the world, as this excellent documentary explains. In fact, after our meeting last night, a woman originally from Ontario approached me. She explained how everything I stated in my presentation was true — the adverse health effects, the drop in property values, the damage to animals, etc.. She said she had 10 mares that she breeds. But after the wind farm came in near her home when she lived in that province, they all became sterile. “It’s absolutely true what you are saying,” she assured me and the crowd.

All that said, I am still working on recent “now words” that have come to me in prayer, and praying about how to bring my readers into your own personal healing through a bit of a “retreat” through this blog. So, I haven’t forgotten you at all! You are on my heart each and every day, and I have complained to the Lord that I am overwhelmed right now. His response was that this “wind fight” has another purpose, one I can’t see yet… so okay… Jesus, I trust in You.

So you remain an important priority after my family. In fact, I pray that this new website will also educate you as well because, from what I can tell, they are trying to turn our countrysides everywhere into massive wind turbine junkyards. You might find your own community under assault before you know it, and this research might help you too.

Have a blessed weekend. I will write you soon. You are loved!

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1 cf. The Second Act
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