STILL hanging in my mind is the image of being a little drop of vapor, suspended in the Sky of God. At any moment I could fall to the ground were it not for His grace and love holding me there. It is pride and self-will which make me too “heavy” to remain in this Cloud. Likewise, it is being “like a child” that gives me the lightness of heart to float freely in God’s favor.

Let anyone who thinks he is standing upright watch out lest he fall! –1 Corinthians 10:12

Song of the Martyr


Scarred, but not broken

Weak, but not tepid
Hungry, but not famished

Zeal consumes my soul
Love devours my heart
Mercy conquers my spirit

Sword in hand
Faith in front
Eye on Christ

All for Him



THIS dryness is not God’s rejection, but only a little test to see if you trust Him still—when you’re not perfect.

It is not the Sun which moves, but the Earth. So too, we pass through seasons when we are stripped of consolations and cast into the darkness of wintry testing. Still, the Son has not moved; His Love and Mercy burn with a consuming fire, awaiting the right moment when we are ready to enter a new springtime of spiritual growth and the summer of infused knowledge.

SIN is not a stumbling block for My Mercy.

Only pride.

Cloud of Love

THE Body of Christ is like a Cloud. A “mist-ical” body of Love.

Every so often a temptation comes along, or a suffering, or some tug of the flesh. It begins to pull on us, drawing us toward earthliness. If we allow self-will to accumulate like a water droplet, eventually, the gravity of the flesh, the world, and the devil begin to pull us until at last we fall from Grace…. plummeting toward worldliness.

Repentance is when self-will evaporates, raising itself once again to the Divine Will. No matter how many times we fall, God will never stop us from returning to the Cloud of Love.

But if we resist, the free-fall will continue until at last we find ourselves broken upon the Rocks of Sorrow (mortal sin). Not even this prevents us from returning to the Cloud, with a sincere and humble heart. But how much harder it is when one finds himself mingled among the dirt, debris, and toxins of the world, having allowed the soul to run between the cracks and crevices of rebellion, with the terrible risk that one has fallen into the Sewers of Darkness.


RAPID. That’s the word which best describes what God is doing in many hearts today: rapid change.

I can’t stress enough: the treasuries of Heaven are wide open! Ask, and you will receive. If we wish to be holier, to be healed, to be transformed, we need only ask in a spirit of humility and trust, and be ready to receive.

Time is so short. Jesus is pouring out as much as He can to whomever comes with open hands and heart.

The Ending Season


A FRIEND wrote me today, saying she is experiencing an emptiness. In fact, I and many of my companions are feeling a certain stillness. She said, "It’s like the time of preparation is ending now. Do you feel it?"

The image came to me of a hurricane, and that we are now in the eye of the storm… a "pre-storm" to the coming Great Storm. In fact, I feel Divine Mercy Sunday (yesterday) was the center of the eye; that day when suddenly the skies broke open above us, and the Sun of Mercy shone down upon us in all its force. That day when we could emerge from the debris of shame and sin flying about us, and run to the Shelter of God’s Mercy and Love—if we chose to do so.

Yes, my friend, I do feel it. The winds of change are about to blow again, and the world will never be the same. But we must never forget: the Sun of Mercy will merely be hidden by dark clouds, but never extinguished.


LET us plunge ourselves into the ocean of God’s mercy, this feast of the Divine Mercy. How joyful it is that such a gift has been granted the world!

MY FAMILY OF NINE went for a bike ride this evening. A veritable trail of bikes, training wheels, toddler seats, and child trailers.

But what was perhaps more amusing was those we passed on the sidewalks. People stopped dead in their tracks and stared at us like we were the first flock of geese returning in the Spring. Then I heard, “Look! A family!”

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, or weep.


Polar ice caps


I HAVE mentioned before Romans 8, which describes nature as "groaning", awaiting the revelation of the sons and daughters of God. It’s as though nature is paralleling what is occurring in the spiritual realm.

During prayer a couple days ago, the melting of the Polar Ice Caps came to mind. Scientists are saying that the rapid meltdown will have an avalanche effect on other eco-systems. It seems to me that this is a parallel of things which are in motion and yet to come in the economic and social realm; that once they start, things will unfold rapidly.

The words of Gandolf from The Lord of The Rings come back to mind:

    "It’s the deep breath before the plunge."

In His mercy, Jesus asks, "Are you ready?"