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The First Truth



NO SIN, not even mortal sin, can separate us from the love of God. But mortal sin does separate us from God’s "sanctifying grace"—that gift of salvation pouring forth from the side of Jesus. This grace is necessary to gain entrance into eternal life, and it comes by repentance from sin.


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The Great Awakening


IT is as though the scales are falling from many eyes. Christians around the world are beginning to see and understand the times around them, as though they were waking from a long, deep sleep. As I pondered this, the Scripture came to mind:

Surely the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7) 

Today, the prophets are speaking words which in turn are putting flesh on the inner stirrings of many hearts, the hearts of God’s servants—His little children. Suddenly, things are making sense, and what people could not put into words before, is now coming into focus before their very eyes.


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Come Out of the Closet!



The other day, I seemed to hear the Lord speak with authority and love:

Come out of the closet!


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Mark Mallett Conference & Concert Tour



MARK Mallett will begin a new Conference and Concert Tour across Canada and the United States, Saturday, June 9th. 


Mark hopes for your prayers and intercession for each event, and of course, to be with those of you who can attend. Mark will continue to write meditations while on the road as the Spirit leads, though they may be more infrequent.


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One Coin, Two Sides



OVER the past couple of weeks in particular, the meditations here have likely been difficult for you to read—and truthfully, for me to write. While pondering this in my heart, I heard:

I am giving these words so as to warn and move hearts to repentance.


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