Prophetic Perspective — Part II


AS I prepare to write more of the vision of hope that’s been laid upon my heart, I want to share with you some very crucial words, to bring both the darkness and light into focus.

In Prophetic Perspective (Part I), I wrote how important it is for us to grasp the big picture, that prophetic words and images, though they bear a sense of imminence, carry broader meanings and often cover vast periods of time. The danger is that we become caught up in their sense of imminence, and lose perspective… that the will of God is our food, that we are to ask only for “our daily bread,” and that Jesus commands us not to be anxious about tomorrow, but to seek first the Kingdom today.

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Exorcism of the Dragon

St. Michael the Archangel by Michael D. O’Brien


AS we come to see and better understand the vast scope of the enemy’s plan, The Great Deception, we should not be overwhelmed, for his plan will not succeed. God is revealing a far greater Masterplan—a victory already won by Christ as we enter the time of the Final Battles. Again, let me turn to a phrase from Hope is Dawning:

When Jesus comes, much will come to light, and the darkness will be scattered.

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Send Me Daughters


PERHAPS it’s because she’s about the same height. Maybe it’s because her order is seeking the helpless. Whatever it is, when I met Mother Paul Marie, she reminded me of Mother Teresa. Indeed, her territory is the "new streets of Calcutta."

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State of Emergency


THE "word" below is from an American priest at whose parish I gave a mission. It is a message which restates what I have written here several times: the critical need at this juncture in time for regular Confession, prayer, time spent before the Blessed Sacrament, reading of the Word of God, and devotion to Mary, the Ark of Refuge.

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